How Can Analyzing Speech Help Call Contact Centers Address Customer Service Complaints?

    In today’s competitive climate, customer service quality is becoming an essential component in fostering good client loyalty. Although a single transaction between a contact centre agent and a client may make or break a relationship, many organizations still do not monitor, measure, or even manage the service quality of their contact centre employees.

    Organizations must guarantee that the few contacts a client has with the contact centre are handled quickly and effectively, leaving the consumer happy. A great way to achieve this is with contact centre speech analysis software.

    In this article, we dive into how speech analytics can help call centres address customer service issues. But first, let’s discuss what exactly it is and the typical call centre complaints it could solve. 

    What Does Speech Analytics Software Do?

    Speech analytics was too immature for contact centres when developers initially launched it. Things have changed dramatically since then, as technology has advanced tremendously. This technology can significantly boost your agents’ ability to deliver excellent customer service and assist them in overcoming the numerous obstacles they confront.

    Companies can use real-time speech analytics technologies to analyze phone interactions between agents and customers to glean useful information from them. This data allows you to learn more about your goods, your agents’ adherence to call handling protocols, operational difficulties, and contact centre agent performance.

    Voice recording, as well as speech to text transcriptions, sentiment analysis, conversational patterns, and analysis of topics, can all be provided by comprehensive speech analytics software. 

    It may also detect areas where contact centre personnel may require more training or coaching and track the quality of customer care delivered on calls. When combined with a dashboard interface, speech analytics software may enable meaningful analysis of the tone of post-processed, transcribed voice recordings.

    Frustrating Call Centre Practices

    Long Wait Times

    When a consumer contacts your business, they don’t expect agents to answer right away. Customers, on the other hand, rapidly grow irritated by long response times and on-hold durations. Before an agent even answers the phone, the longer they wait, the more frustrated they become. Helping customers effectively while still getting them off the phone fast is a challenging balancing act, especially when prices are low.

    Scripted Responses

    On incoming customer contacts, agents should employ scripting sparingly. When a customer contacts customer service, they almost always want to speak with a live person. As a result, hearing someone recite prepared content or receiving a generic response text is likely to irritate a consumer. If that individual airs their complaints, you risk losing the client and damaging your company’s image.

    Not Having the Option of Speaking to a Real Person

    According to a PwG survey, 80% of respondents prefer to speak with a human customer service agent rather than a chatbot or other automated call-response service. Chatbots are best suited for simple queries, especially when combined with human agents who can respond to inquiries via chat. 

    However, these systems are inadequate when clients have complex issues – or when they cannot express them in a way that allows for correct interpretation. If a client has a particular query or doesn’t know how to express their situation, they will always choose the help of a customer care representative who can understand the context of their complaint.

    How Contact Centre Speech Analysis Can Help Call Centres

    Give customers a reason to remain loyal

    Interaction analytics may reveal the fundamental reasons for consumer discontent as well as how agents respond to them. To effectively address these possible churn factors and enhance customer happiness and retention, organizations can establish programs, procedures, and agent training.

    The same data analysis may be used to determine which behaviours are most effective in promoting client loyalty. By giving agents the information they need to achieve a successful conclusion, real-time analytics in your contact centre may help you boost your customer save rate.

    Determine which channels are most effective for interacting with customers

    Many companies are beginning to right-channel contact centre conversations or assign certain interactions to other channels. However, analytics tools are required to make the optimal workflow decisions while routing a client call. Customer channel preferences, customer profiles and behaviours, interaction complexity, and critical times are important factors.

    Only the most complicated contacts should be handled by live personnel on the front lines, with the remainder routed through alternative low-cost channels.

    Follow the customer’s journey across channels

    The contact centre of today is divided into separate channels. While advanced omnichannel contact centres with comprehensive channel orchestration give a clearer perspective of the whole customer experience, they typically lack the solutions required to analyze data efficiently and rapidly. 

    Companies that do not have sophisticated contact centre analytics lose out on successfully answering current client requirements and predicting future wants and inquiries.


    The customer has always been king, but this is even truer in the internet age. Offering excellent customer service can make a brand while a bad one can be its downfall. It is vital to equip contact centre agents and managers with the tools they need to perfect service interactions.


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