How Branded Content Can Benefit Your Business

    Branded content is a marketing technique that entails developing and sharing material across many media that discusses your brand’s values and mission, frequently evoking emotions in your viewers or readers.

    Branded content can be as high as 20x more engaging than display adverts and other sorts of advertisements. Why? Because it tells a story, develops an emotional connection with the audience, and feels more authentic than a normal commercial.

    But not everybody can do branded content. It takes time, talent, dedication, and sometimes a little luck, to pull off a successful campaign, which is why many businesses hire experiences influencer marketing companies such as Peersway to run their branded content to help ensure their success.

    Content Marketing vs. Branded Content

    In a nutshell, branded content is one component of a comprehensive content marketing plan. Yet, content marketing still includes highly promotional and product-centric content, such as knowledge bases and product updates.

    Brands, on the other hand, should include a portion of their content marketing plan that focuses solely on developing and distributing branded content as yet another way to get their brand’s name out there—without being overtly promotional.

    These are a few advantages of branded content.

    It’s genuine

    One of the most compelling reasons to employ branded content is that it is one of the most genuine sorts of content to share with your audience. It is always important to share your brand’s mission, whether it be body positivity, financial guidance, or something else entirely.

    It effortlessly appeals to people who are interested in these issues without being overly promotional or intrusive. The crucial point here is that you don’t simply want your branded content to “look” non-promotional—you want it to be completely non-promotional.

    You are just resonating with or educating your audience while also generating an emotional connection by creating authentic and non-invasive content. People who like your branded content will naturally gravitate towards your brand when they require your products or services.

    It sells the brand more than the product

    Never, ever is your branded content about your products and services. Instead, it focuses on industry challenges, instructional insights, or even amusing lifestyle material that appeals to your target audience.

    For example, the energy drink Red Bull excels at developing lifestyle branded content centred on adventures and sports. They are communicating with their target audience about something other than their goods by doing so.

    This tactic, which is a captivating sort of native advertising, aids in the creation of a story around your company. Avoid over mentioning your product. Begin by establishing common ground with your audience and building your tale from there.

    The goal of creating branded content is to generate content that resonates with your customer. It fosters an emotional bond. That allows them to identify with your brand. It thrills them and motivates them to support your company by making purchases and promoting you to their friends and family.

    Viral Potential

    Some branded content formats have been shown to increase the virality of a piece of content. A TikTok or short-form YouTube video, a meme, an Instagram post, and so on are all examples of content that has the potential to go viral.

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