How Boutique Design Agencies Boost Your Business

    Every company knows the importance of corporate advertising, but the question is: what kind should be pursued? There are so many approaches to take, and the field is constantly changing. It’s in this context that more and more companies are looking to boutique design agencies to satisfy all their advertising and marketing needs. Here are some reasons why.

    Small and Large Enough

    Boutique design agencies are small enough to deliver tailored services, and large enough to deliver the full range of services on major, high-profile branding campaigns. You may be surprised to learn what prominent companies entrusted their campaigns to design agencies, rather than oversized advertising companies.

    Look for a design agency that is structured so that you have direct communications with the arts directors and strategists actually working on your project, rather than an accounts manager or some other kind of middleman. This ensures that you’re kept close to all developments of the project, and that the agency is close to you, so they have sufficient time to properly absorb your brand.

    Hiring a design agency that is both big and small enough is a great way to add a creative flash to your business branding while ensuring you get the job done properly.

    Print and Digital

    Design agencies are specialists in both the foundational skills required for print advertising and the newest digital trends. Actually, these skills complement each other. Print advertising alone may not be enough to take your company’s branding where it needs to be, but elements of print skills will often be incorporated into digital advertising.

    In any case, when you engage a design agency for your branding, you don’t need to pick between print and digital — they’ll be more than capable of delivering both.

    Tailor-Made for Your Needs

    One of the benefits of working with a boutique design agency is that they can meet your needs, whatever they are. Their structure is designed to make their deliverables flexible and accommodating. Look for a company with a small number of staff who each has diverse talents, as they are positioned to be adaptable and most able to respond nimbly to whatever needs you have.

    They can handle everything from advertising, branding, illustration, video, digital, and even environmental (think of things like pop-up sidewalk ads).

    Wide Experience

    Sometimes niche industries need advertising that has to meet unorthodox specifications. While smaller agencies are well-positioned to meet a wide range of needs, it’s better if they already have relevant experience. Look to hire an agency that has delivered on projects in your industry.

    This may include theatre companies, magazines, colleges, arts festivals, a range of corporate clients, and more. Each entity on this list may have vastly different advertising or branding needs, so see that their work experience is relevant to yours.

    Starting out on the path for selecting the right advertising and marketing for your business can be daunting, because there’s just so much out there and the field evolves quickly. So it’s smart to pick a boutique agency that understands the latest branding developments, is responsive to all your needs, and is fully capable of delivering on whatever they are.


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