How Australia’s Youngest Millionaires Earn Over $5,500 In Profit Every Day: Advice From Fotios Tsiouklas and Alan Gokoglu

    It is unbelievable that at the age of 19, Australia’s youngest millionaires, Fotios Tsiouklas and Alan Gokoglu are worth more than $5 million as of June 2020. Even during this pandemic, the two have been able to grow their businesses. They weren’t able to do this by luck, but by combining their years of experience to create a plan that would ultimately help them and their client base grow. 

    Through Diversification of Investment

    Fotios and Alan, through their AF group, reinvest their money into building and acquiring businesses. The two acquired the biggest nightclubs in Melbourne known as UNI BASH (Melbourne’s Biggest University Party), Mango Friday’s, Club Sacred, and Levels Melbourne that consistently hosts roughly 3,000 patrons every Friday and Saturday each weekend. The duo has also invested in their latest startup Simplify Press which was designed to help people get their stories heard through television, radio, and more. 

    Australia’s youngest millionaires have as well been keen to enter the SaaS market and take it by storm. They currently own 8 SaaS businesses under their AF Group that has helped almost 20,000 entrepreneurs build their brands and grow their companies in the last few months and this is only the beginning. The two built a SaaS business around Andrew Hristo’s personal brand that teaches people about fitness and e-commerce. They have a very similar concept with Andrew Koulloupas, Steve Malkoun, and many more. Another one of the SaaS businesses is the world’s first TikTok growth service. 

    App Development

    Due to the movement restrictions, another diverse take took form when Fotios and Alan learned the rapid move towards the e-platform. With this in hand, many organizations geared towards education and businesses looked for alternative ways to reach out to their target audience and clients. Fotios and Alan are able to create unique apps for businesses in order for them to grow and move more towards the online space. With the help of personal apps, businesses can generate more money than ever before while keeping their clients satisfied. 

    Young children aged between 3-6 are able to learn as they have fun through the Tiny Town app they created. Fotios went ahead and built a campaign towards ensuring that the Greek language is taught. The campaign is driven by the zeal of maintaining Greek’s rich culture that can be passed to future generations. The two built an app known as Metropolis which helps kids learn the Greek language. Alan has a similar campaign but geared towards the Turkish culture and language.

    After having built and sold over 100 apps to individuals and businesses around the world, their extensive experience in the app industry made this easy. Their next project Apps4Brands aims to empower entrepreneurs by allowing them to build an app without coding in under an hour – eliminating the cost and time barriers to entry in this space.

    Online Advertisement 

    Many manufacturers are looking into popularising their products online. Alan and Fotios realized the opportunity to develop perfect adverts as a form of cold trafficking leads to their products. You will notice how crafty they form the message, link it to celebrity personnel, and incorporate the companies values in most adverts. Such a move makes the company drive sales and gain brand awareness through the model. For instance, the two once worked with celebrity Blac Chyna and created an addicting arcade game app that was used to boost product sales. Fotios and Alan are experts when it comes to online ads and they are able to make anything go viral. They have set up a variety of e-commerce stores ranging from selling slime, to entertainment equipment, to beauty products – all following the same working and proven marketing models that produce positively converting advertising funnels online with limitless scalability. These have created a diverse range of funnels that they monitor and carefully scale.

    The Agency Service

    Kickspan came through as another channel to gain access to clients. The agency uses data collection, lead generation, Sms marketing, web development, app development, and email marketing as a primary source of traffic leading to a dedicated landing page with a strategic sales funnel. All of the services are available online and can be processed remotely, making it possible to work worldwide. 

    Fotios and Alan knew very well the financial strain brought about by the pandemic’s market interruption, which made them take a decisive decision to maintain relevance and regain stability. With the help of their multiple businesses and services, they have been able to grow their net worth while in fact helping thousands during this pandemic.


    • Tony "Disrupt" Delgado

      CEO of Disrupt Magazine

      Tony Delgado ( @disruptceo ) is a Puerto Rican-American software developer, businessman, activist, philanthropist, tech entrepreneur, and founder of Disrupt Magazine.

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