How Adam Palmer Became The Online Automation King

    Online entrepreneurship is a great way to gain financial freedom. Unlike a brick and mortar business, an online business is relatively cheaper to set up. Still, there are loopholes and challenges that you have to overcome so that your business can become successful. Like all businesses, you need to figure out if there is a market need for your product or service. After that, you have to engage in a bit of marketing to attract your customers. 

    Adam Palmer is the Founder of Automate Scale. This company is an online marketing consulting agency that helps clients automate their marketing and harness the power of a sales funnel. 

    Adam is an entrepreneur who attributes his success to Upwork. According to him, Upwork made it easy for him to get an insane amount of high profile clients to him without lifting a finger. 

    From Restaurant Owner to Online Marketing 

    Adam Palmer used to own two restaurants known as Pita Pit. He set up the business together with some of his college buddies. However, the restaurant lost a lot of revenue. Once they sold the business, Adam moved from New York to Los Angeles. He was in a ton of debt and at a crossroads on what to do next. It was at this point that he decided to take advantage of online opportunities. 

    Adam delved into marketing and spent time learning about online marketing and how to leverage different platforms. He also started working with a buddy who more or less introduced him to funnels. From that point on, he became an automation mad man and started working with all sorts of businesses to not only build their funnels but to build their online businesses ultimately. 

    Leveraging Upwork To Build Business 

    Adam started out freelancing his services on Upwork. But it didn’t take him long before he reached the seven-figure earnings on the platform. He started out small with rates that were below standard rates for digital marketing. But to him, he understood that if he had to make it on Upwork, he had to put his ego aside and work towards building a reputation. 

    So far, Adam has built a reputation as an online automation king. He has worked with marketing giants such as Niel Patel, Beth Kerby, Chad Mureta, Vanessa Loder plus many more. Adam has helped hundreds of online businesses thrive in the market and has built thousands of campaigns that have made millions for his clients. 

    Adam discovered his talent in automation. He successfully used the world’s largest global online workplace (Upwork) to connect with his target clients and make his mark as a thought leader in the industry. When companies leverage his services, he helps them plan, build, automate, and scale their marketing efforts. In the end, the business receives a high ROI from the automation. Adam is also big on helping others succeed on the Upwork platform. He has a site where he shares information to aspiring entrepreneurs on how they can use Upwork to earn a seven-figure income.


    • Tony "Disrupt" Delgado

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