How a Business Phone Number Can Make Your Business Look More Professional

    Many smaller firms operate with an email address and a mobile phone for their communications with investors, customers and suppliers alike. However, there is no need to work this way if you have a proper business phone number for them to call. Importantly, with a virtual business line, you can have callers redirected to your mobile phone – or any other line you like – so you still retain complete control and flexibility about how to handle calls with this sort of service. What’s more, obtaining one will instantly make your enterprise seem more professional. Why is this?

    • Better Established

    Firms that only publish mobile phone numbers or who only have web-based contact forms do not look very well established. Indeed, many potential clients will be put off when they don’t see a business telephone number because they think the firm in question might not even be real and could be attempting to scam them. Instead, give your business a greater sense of permanence and trustworthiness with a business phone number.

    • Located in the Right Places

    If you were to opt for an 0207 business telephone number, then you will appear as though you have offices in Central London even though the reality may be very different. Put simply, 0207 phone numbers afford businesses a certain cachet since these are often the most prestigious places firms can operate from in the country. Importantly, your 0207 business number can be redirected to any location in the UK, from Dundee to Dunstable.

    • Freephone Customer Dialling

    Want to go one step further with your professional image than an 0207 or 0208 number? If so, an 0800 business number as your primary sales contact will be a good move. It used to be the case that you needed a fixed line for an 0800 telephone number to work. This is no longer so, however, because, according to providers like Cleartone Communications which supply 0800 business telephone services, freephone calls can be transferred to mobile phones just as easily nowadays. Note that having an 0800 phone number will make your firm seem well-qualified for the work you do and can boost inbound call rates significantly.

    • Seem Bigger

    Business telephone numbers – whether they are geographical, like 0207 phone numbers, or non-geographical, like 0800 numbers – make small businesses seem bigger. Even if there are just one or two of you working in the enterprise, simply publishing a proper business number will be enough to make it seem bigger than it really is.

    • Benefit From Extra Services

    Finally, business telephone service providers that offer commercial numbers should be able to provide your firm with more features than a good number for clients to call. These days, you should look out for enhanced functionality, as well, such as WhatsApp integration, music on hold, timed diverts, business voicemail and much more besides. In other words, business phone number services aren’t just there to make your company seem more professional but to provide you with more professional services, too.

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