Hello From The Other Side… “I Hear Dead People”

    It is no big secret that I am easily seduced by all things paranormal. On any given day you can find me watching an episode of any TV show containing the word “psychic,” “ghost” or “medium” in the title, or perusing the “thriller movie” section on Netflix. On any other given day, you might find me in Chinatown having my aura captured on an old-school Polaroid camera at Magical Jewelry, visiting haunted hotels, or at Stick Stone and Bone  in the West Village purchasing sage and crystals. I am fascinated by anything that falls into the scope of metaphysical and mystical (or what some of you might refer to as “a load of crap”—no judgement). Whatever your belief system is, you cannot deny things in life when you experience them for yourself. And I am here to inform you that some gifts cannot be disputed. After reading this article, you are likely to agree.

    Whether you are a believer or a skeptic of the spiritual side of life, the idea of third eye sight is a trending topic. I have always been a believer, but after experiencing two very different readers (both featured on Bravo’s Real Housewives television series), I am without words on the messages that were delivered to me in each of my sit-down readings.

    HOBNOBBING WITH THE OTHER SIDE…With Thomas John and Sema Bal

    Thomas JohnThomas John – Celebrity Psychic Medium

    I made an appointment months back after having read a few articles on this new “It Man of the Psychic Realm.” Curious to have a reading and report back to those followers who are just as enthralled as I am on this topic, I was in no particular rush on a personal level to get in ASAP. Life’s been good, I had no pressing concerns or outstanding questions that needed to be answered. Truth be told, I forgot I even made the appointment until the reminder call the day before my session.

    Arriving for my appointment, the first thing that struck me was how young and handsome Thomas John is.
    Having been fortunate enough to experience readings by some of the top individuals in this field, my expectations were neutral. As in, I had no expectations. I walked into his office hoping to have some fun, get a little freaked out, and have something to chat about with the girls at the office the next day. I walked out of Thomas John’s office one hour later in what I can only call a profound haze of disbelief and shock (I didn’t even realize that I was missing my jaw, which is, for sure, still on the floor of his office after it dropped off of my face).

    • Without getting into specifics about people, places, and situations (I need to protect those in and out of my life and the events that are still to come to fruition), I can share the following:
    • He pulled out at least a half-dozen names of people currently in my life; out of thin air. One as obscure as the name Stassa. Not common names like Jenn, Liz, or Sara…Stassa.
    • About five minutes into my reading, he stopped, looked at me and asked if both my grandmothers were on the other side. I responded, “Yes,” but that I only knew one. He started laughing and said I keep hearing “Ya Ya…Ya Ya” in a sing-songy manner. Yiayia (pronounced and spelled Yaya in my family) is “grandmother” in Greek and is exclusively what we called her. Stassa is her name (and that is not “Google-able”…trust me, I checked). He said, “I just see her sitting there–knitting and crocheting, knitting and crocheting–like you have tons of things she made.” Indeed, also correct. She made us innumerable amounts of blankets, hats, and yarn pom-poms (which we dubbed “yayas”). In fact as a child, I would crochet blankets for my dolls with her and was nicknamed “Little Yaya.”
    • And as if Thomas John actually channeled my friend Gavin*, he said verbatim what Gavin verbally said to me himself, mere days after my reading. It was anything short of a generic statement. It was a deep and constructive conversation; the words Thomas John voiced in my reading fell off of Gavin’s tongue, word-for-word. I nearly fell off my bar stool.

    There were so many moments like this in my session, including in-depth assessments of people in (and recently booted from) my life that were accurate at the time of the reading and just continue to be validated in the days that pass since our session together.
    Read more incredible stories in his book, available on Amazon.com:
    Never Argue with a Dead Person: True and Unbelievable Stories from the Other Side.

    Sema BalSema Bal – The Turkish Coffee Reader

    Coffee has always had a place in my life–mainly to wake me up in the morning. But Sema Bal changed all that on a recent trip to Woodhaven, Queens. As I sat in the home of the “Coffee Whisperer,” I will admit I was nervous. A self-proclaimed psychic-junkie, I have had dozens of readings, but this one seemed different. I discovered Sema while watching an episode of The Real Housewives of New York City and had goose pimples for hours afterwards. She seemingly “nailed” message after message that appeared inside of a demitasse cup. I wasn’t the only one who was fascinated by her skills; her waiting list now sits well into the end of 2016 given her new found Housewives fame.

    The first thing to note about Sema is her warm, calm, and nurturing demeanor. There is a humble familiarity within her, something that instantly eased my nerves. As we sat around her dining room table (there were two others sitting with me) sipping on the somewhat strong, but aromatic drink and noshing on rainbow cookies, it seemed more like a girl’s day than a reading into my future. As I reached the bottom of my cup, I was instructed to put the saucer over the top, flip it, and circle it as I concentrated all my positive energy into it. As we sat for another five minutes, chatting, I could not help but be consumed with what would be shown in her fine china. The great reveal had me baffled and awestruck. Again, without delving into specifics about people, places, and situations, I share the following paraphrased highlights from my reading:

    • Who are all of the nurses? I see nurses all around you. One of them is going to be setting you up with a man. It will not be someone they work with (I asked if it was a doctor), it will be a friend—someone that is close to them and feels like family—but is not blood related. He will have a problem with his “S’s”.
      All of my best friends are nurses. Three weeks after my session (and having not divulged what had been spoken of), a nurse friend indeed did set me up with a man who was close, like a brother to her. Upon meeting him he laughed that even he has trouble pronouncing his last name (because of all the “S’s”).
    • Travel is coming up for you, but it is not too far. It is just one state over. You have been overworking yourself, you need to take a break. Indeed, a trip was booked for a weekend away in Connecticut right before my reading.
    • I am seeing a man—half balding, pronounced nose, a mustache. Typical European man. He loves you very much. My dad—who is my best friend—showed up in my cup. I wish I had taken a photo, as his profile appeared out of nowhere right before my eyes in the grounds. Exactly as described.

    Sema says on her site, “I do not promise anyone anything, but please come with an open mind and no expectations.” Things to note: sessions are not recorded, so if you want a copy of your session to re-listen once your brain stops swelling I suggest recording on your phone or bringing a trusted friend as a notetaker.

    Read more incredible stories in her book, available on Amazon.com:
    The Secret of Coffee Grinds.

    Thomas John’s sessions can be paid via credit card prior to the session. Sema, on the other hand, is cash-only (be sure to hit the ATM prior to arriving for your appointment). Whether you are a believer or not—both sites state “for entertainment purposes”—there is no denying Thomas John and Sema Bal have intensely magnificent gifts for something. My opinion (and seemingly the opinion of many others), is it’s the gift of a wide open third eye and a very active intuition.

    Book an appointment with one or both (the wait list is long, but well worth it):
    Thomas John -mediumthomas.com
    Sema Bal – turkishcoffeecupreadings.com

    *Names have been changed to protect the identity of the real individuals mentioned in my sessions.


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