Here Are 4 Myths About Digital Signage Debunked!

    There’s been rapid growth in the digital signage industry, and its impact can’t be ignored. Movers and shakers in the local and larger institutions have embraced this mode of communication. In a relatively young and thriving industry, it’s met with myths that people tend to hold on to it. Here are common myths about digital signage that you ought to know.

    Digital signage is expensive 

    Digital signage looks somewhat high-end and rather costly. However, that isn’t the case. Setting up digital signage on your own can turn out to be expensive. It’s because you ought to find the right software and materials, buy and install the equipment, and create fresh content from scratch.

    However, if you consult a digital signage provider, you get to leave it to the professionals. You stand a chance to get expert installation, expert advice, regular maintenance as well as top-notch content creation at an affordable rate.

    Creating fresh content is complicated and labor-intensive

    Coming up with great content can be challenging along the way. Most agencies lack the right resources as well as a creative team to come up with expert quality videos, graphics, animation, and any other digital content.

    Creating content requires utmost precision, lest you make fatal mistakes. Some of these mistakes include creating low-quality digital content, which might make your institution, as well as signage, seem cheap. You might also end up struggling to come-up with result-driven content. If you fail to update your content regularly, your signs get filled with out-dated information. 

    To save you all these complicated hassles and labor-intensive processes, you need to work with a venture that works round the clock to provide better digital signage. A professional team that uses digital signage software has a team that ensures you get the ideal results at all times.

    It’s challenging to come up with evergreen content

    Each time you try to do it yourself, you might find it challenging and expensive. There’s a need to have a proper installation of equipment as well as content creation at all times.

    There are times you need to set up an editorial calendar, create evergreen content, revisit and revise any old content regularly. It means you have to sacrifice other sectors of your business to ensure this one area is running smoothly. However, with a professional digital signage provider, you get to work with a dedicated team.

    They work to ensure that your content is top-notch at all times. Thus, you can rest easy and stop worrying about signage at any time. 

    The impact of digital signage is minimal 

    You ought to have the right plan lest the screens in your workplace seem like decorative features. You need to have in-depth knowledge of your target audience before undertaking the digital signage project. You ought to have well-defined goals to make sure your monitors get watched.

    You ought to have the right signage template placement, right message, and animation duration as well as meet the target audience needs. It will enable you to get the desired results.

    Digital signage software is essential if you want to have a large client base, enhanced staff communication, increased revenue, as well as strong brand recognition. You ought to know and debunk all the myths so that nothing gets to hold you back if you intend to use digital signage.


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