Guide to Shipping Freight to Norway From the UK

    Shipping freight to the UK from Norway is slightly different than it is with most European countries. This is because Norway is not an EU member state – even though it is part of the EFTA trading bloc – and, therefore, different rules apply when it is compared to Sweden or Denmark, for example. As such, it is a good idea to have your customs clearance paperwork organised in advance of making your shipment out of the UK to Norway, especially if your goods will pass through the EU’s customs union on their way to the Scandinavian country. That said, there are two main ways you can efficiently get goods from the UK to Norway.

    Direct Cargo Routes

    The good news for British exporters is that they can arrange for shipments to Norway from eastern England directly. The Humber Estuary has two options you can take advantage of. The first is to send cargo via Immingham Port, situated between Grimsby and Scunthorpe in North Lincolnshire. This will mean placing your consignment into one or more shipping containers for collection by a local logistic firm when they arrive in the Norwegian ports of Bergen, Haugesund or Tananger. According to Barrington Freight, the cheapest way to do this when you have smaller commodities to send – perhaps just one or two pallets – is to group your shipment with others going to the same Norwegian ports.

    As an alternative, you can have your goods collected from your UK factory or warehouse and have them sent to the large port of Brevik. Ferry services to Brevik occur frequently and operate with a roll-on/roll-off service for commercial travellers. Both vans and lorries are accepted on this route, one of the fastest and most cost-effective ways to get goods into the southern part of Norway and to make their onward journey into the country. This option benefits from having a driver accompanying your freight all the way from your warehouse or production facility to its final destination in Norway, something that many British exporters appreciate.

    Cross-Channel Courier Routes

    Shipping over the North Sea isn’t the only option for British export firms. They are also able to send their consignments to Norway via northern France. Trucks can enter the EU on their way to Norway at ports like Calais and Dunkirk as well as those in Belgium and the Netherlands. The onward journey to Norway will then usually entail crossing into Sweden via Denmark over the huge bridge that links the two countries, ideal for shipments heading to the Norwegian capital, Oslo.

    Alternatively, drivers can make their way to northern Denmark and embark on a ferry crossing directly to Norway’s southern ports. With two drivers sharing the work, it is possible to get items out of southern England and into Norway within a 24-hour period using this option. However, many shipments that are primarily conducted by land rather than sea will take a little longer given the distances involved. Either way, cost-effective freight shipping from the UK to Norway is possible wherever in the country your firm might be located.

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