Get Your App to Work Harder for Your Business

    The question ‘what have you done for me lately’ should be front of mind when evaluating the performance of a potential mobile app. 

    The speed of business is rapid, and if your app isn’t working hard for your business, it’s time to make some changes. With mobile search now officially outpacing desktop search queries, your app should be your hardest working salesperson. Your app should provide a user experience that encourages interaction and increases sales for your business.

    Putting an app development plan into action that will yield results for your business can be challenging, but the investment can pay dividends for years to come. Consider the ways that you can develop an app that works harder for your customers and helps your business work smarter.

    1. Incorporate Automated Features

    Automation continues to play a pivotal role in business development as a solution for cost and time savings, and general human error. By incorporating automated features into your app like scheduling, reminders and more, you can save users time without taking too up too much of your business’s! Other automated features apps utilize that customers love include notifications, reminders, and subscriptions. 

    2. Encourage Feedback 

    The harder something is to do, the less likely a customer is to do it. Build feedback loops into your app experience from the start to learn valuable information from your customers. You could deploy an in-app chatbot to give them help when they need it most or prompt reviews at key times of the purchase cycle. For example, asking for feedback after a user has taken a specific action will encourage users to give you feedback or leave reviews when the experience is fresh in their mind and also give you valuable insight into the user experience.

    When you collect user feedback, you can also make note of user behaviour by utilizing app analytics. Kundan Joshi, CEO of TheAppLabb, wrote that “mobile apps offer deep insights and detailed customer data and analytics that can inform merchandising and inventory assortment decisions to drive better conversion rates.” In his Forbes article, he explains that this data can and should play a major role in your business planning and can help businesses investing in a digital strategy set themselves up for future success 

    It’s a seamless cycle that results in your app gathering the information you need so you can apply essential user insights. 

    3. Go a Step Further Than Competitors 

    It’s no secret that there are a lot of apps on the market. You want to make sure that your app goes above and beyond so that you don’t need to work harder to convince users that your app is the better option. According to Statista, approximately 66 thousand mobile apps were released through the Google Play Store in august 2021 alone. 

    Gage what your competitors are doing, do it better, and do more. Incorporating innovative tech like virtual reality, automated features and personalized functions will help set your app apart from others and speak volumes without needing to convince users of its value. The value will be there for them to see in the palms of their hands. This is also where reviews will come into play, since customers will compare your app to others, and you will want to take their feedback into consideration. 

    4. Maintain Rollout Speed & Reduce Load Times

    In a time where people expect instant gratification through instant access, you need an app that is just that – instant. Ensure your app loads quickly and responds quickly to user action. An easy way to do this is to schedule in regular maintenance so that you can solve problems and update coding before your app takes so long to respond that users give up entirely. Take this regular maintenance time to check in on any bugs or glitches.

    5. Make Purchasing Easy

    At the end of the day, you want your customer’s purchasing and checkout experience to be as easy and convenient as possible. Make sure your shopping cart is easily accessible and fast-loading to avoid abandoned carts and ensure so that customers can get the decision support they need for purchasing.

    Credit: john_99 via Canva


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