Get the Facts About Dental Implants

    Missing teeth were usually replaced with bridges, crowns, and dentures. There weren’t many other options. Dental implants are making strides in the industry, however. These dental options are essentially a root-and-tip kit. Dentists add a screw or root to your jawbone so that a tip or tooth can be installed on top of it. Before you opt for dental implants, get the facts about them.

    Most People are Good Candidates 

    What you should know about dental implants is that most people are good candidates for the procedure. Your main requirement is a strong jawbone. The majority of people have thick jawbones because this area isn’t prone to repetitive injury or degradation. Dentists have an easy area to target as the implant procedure is planned out.

    Be aware that a few patients may be poor candidates. People with leukemia, diabetes or a history of smoking might not have the bone structure necessary for the procedure.

    Surgery is Necessary 

    There’s no way to get around the fact that surgery is part of the implant process. Keep in mind that the surgery is an outpatient procedure. The dentist provides anesthesia so that there’s no pain during the implantation. You can return home afterward.

    You’ll have access to pain medication so that healing isn’t a difficult process. If you’re wary about any type of surgery, implants may not be the right solution for you. Your dentist can offer another choice, including the latest type of dentures.

    Waiting is Part of the Process 

    Be aware that your implant won’t be complete for several months. The surgery secures the screw to the bone, but there is no tooth yet. The dentist must wait for the entire area to heal before adding the tooth.

    You can expedite the healing process by eating soft foods, drinking plenty of water and resting. Some implants can be installed in as little as two months. Many patients, however, must wait a full six months.

    Don’t fret though, according to the Lasting Smiles of Highland Park website, during this time, your dentist may be able to install temporary crowns so that you can speak and eat normally. This can also help you be less self-conscious of your smile during that time frame. Learn more about that here.

    Be patient with the process because the implant’s appearance is worth the wait.

    Treat the Implants Like Normal Teeth 

    The reason why you want implants is the natural look and management of them. Treat them like your everyday teeth. They’re permanently attached to the jawbone. Simply floss and brush them. Other options, including dentures, must be removed for cleaning purposes. This benefit alone is a good reason to consider implants over any other option.

    Implants Protect Your Surrounding Teeth 

    You will enjoy the look of your implants, but they provide other benefits too. The implants support the surrounding teeth and gums. Everything remains in place over the years. With dentures and bridges, there’s a risk of decline to the oral cavity. Implants remove this risk.

    Speaking and eating are normalized. You’ll sound the same during conversations with the implants. The same cannot be said about dentures. Maintaining your teeth allows your entire mouth to function like normal. No one will ever know that there are artificial teeth hidden in your smile.

    Ideally, select a dentist who has extensive experience with implants. The procedure is relatively simple when it’s performed by the proper professional. Your smile can last for decades longer if implants are part of your world.


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