Four Ways Yoga Will Change Your Life In 2023

    Yoga is a hugely popular pastime these days, with billions practicing it worldwide. It’s becoming more and more prominent in society as the science starts to back up the spirituality behind it.


    Today, doctors and healthcare professionals will even prescribe it to patients in order to aid with the likes of anxiety, battles with drug addiction, and even ease the stress and pain of cancer treatment. But of course, it’s a life changing practice no matter what your situation or circumstances. And here’s why…

    It will make you a calmer person

    Yoga is proven to relieve stress and initiate calm, and there are a large number of positions that can aid with that. Even just the breathing element of yoga will lower your heart rate and relieve stress, while the positions themselves will eliminate stress from key parts of the body and make you an all around calmer person.

    It will make you stronger and more flexible

    Of course, yoga is a physical exercise and it can seriously aid your physicality and strength. Training regularly with certain positions can strengthen your core as well as making you more flexible and leaner in a number of areas.


    What’s more, many stretches can also ease chronic pain.

    It will make you more compassionate

    The calming element of yoga and the act it encourages you to show love to yourself will also make you more compassionate with others. Visit any yoga class and there’s a real zen with one another. Everyone is caring and looks out for one another, and that seeps into daily life too.


    It teaches you the art of compassion, and it’s something that has been occurring for thousands of years.

    It will make you slow down

    Many of us live life at 100 miles per hour these days, and it can be exhausting. What with work, relationships, family and everything else going on, it’s no wonder so many people burn out or look to alcohol and drugs to cope.


    However, yoga is a much better solution as even practicing for 10 minutes per day will allow you to completely escape your life and allow your mind and body to slow down. This can then infiltrate into your own life, allowing you more time to think and take control of your life.


    That will give you the opportunity to make more thought out decisions but in your social life and work life, and find the right balance for you.

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