Five Ways of Optimizing Hospital Operations

    Society wouldn’t be where it is without the medical industry the way we know it. Today’s real development started around the early 20th century and continues to grow. Technology and medicine combined give us the backbone of the society we know and enjoy today.

    At the heart of the medical industry are hospitals that act as the support systems we need. From the average flu to terminal illnesses, these organizations tend to our needs and ensure that we receive them. However, because there is an influx of people in these organizations, operations must run as smoothly. Any kinks in the system could spell for not just one but potentially several patients.

    This article is for all the hospital management staff out there. If you are looking for a set of tips to help streamline and optimize the process, this article is for you. These tips range from generic, run-of-the-mill solutions to complex ideas that can completely revamp operations.

    1. Ensure quality recruiting 

    When hiring staff for the hospital, you must hire the most qualified and experienced people for the job. For medical workers and management staff, merit-based hiring and thorough screening are critical.

    Management individuals should meet most of the checkmarks of the standard job description, along with the ability to adapt after training. Moreover, a master’s in health administration (MHA) goes a long way.

    Most medical management workers opt for MHA online degrees; therefore, some of your current staff may be in line for a promotion. It’s always a good idea to promote those working hard internally than hire externally. The people you have on board now meet all the checkmarks and know the organization well enough to be considered for growth.

    Finding the right staff for the hospital is one of the critical features of ensuring optimal operations within the organization. The more capable the individuals are, the more likely the hospital can benefit from their expertise.

    2. Time Management Software

    Implementing tracking software is one of the best things you can do to ensure the staff is on time. Clocking in hours is one of the best ways to ensure that work gets done and that no one is late for their shifts.

    Being late to your shift or slacking off on the job in a hospital can have dire consequences. You are dealing with life-and-death situations; therefore, there is a minimal margin for error.

    For management and medical staff alike, it’s vital to ensure that everyone comes in on time, tracks their hours, and can justify the time they are being paid for. However, with that said, it’s also crucial for the organization’s HR team to have room to hear out the staff.

    Exhaustion, family commitments, and unforeseen circumstances should not be penalized. Instead, policies should be implemented to ensure a mutually beneficial solution for the organization and the staff.

    3. Increase the number of counters/ front desk workers

    As you walk into the hospital, you will likely be greeted by counters with attendants behind them. These people are your first contact points and will streamline your hospital experience. They will ensure that your medical history and all relevant details are taken care of before you see the physician.

    With a large flow of people, it’s better to have more counters and more attendants doing their job than just a few. Slowing down due to clerical management could cost some people precious time when waiting to see the doctor.

    4. Decrease waiting times

    Perhaps one of the most dreadful parts of seeing the doctor is the time you must wait. In some parts of the country, the wait could be hours; therefore, you have to sit there with whatever ailment you may have.

    Moreover, being around other sick people can make a bad situation worse. Therefore, it would be wise to streamline the process so that there would be either more attendants or appointment-based visits.

    5. Processing and adhering to feedback

    One of the best ways to find out which departments are lacking and how to improve the processes is to ask the clients/patients what they think. You can offer a general feedback form or issue department-wise questionnaires to ensure everything is running smoothly.

    These feedback forms are some of the best ways to gain insight into what the system needs and how to improve shortcomings. For example, many patients have an issue with the billing department. Not only do they take a fair bit of time, but they also must liaise with insurance companies, etc.

    In the process, they could displease some patients who probably have enough on their minds. Therefore, asking the patients what could be improved is one of the best ways to work on the process soon.

    General feedback forms are also helpful but don’t give as much insight as you may want. Moreover, patients will likely rush through them and give generic and unhelpful answers. Therefore, it would be best to gauge what you need more.


    Ensuring operations within the organization run smoothly is critical when running a hospital. Any lapse in ability or shortcoming on the organization’s part could result in death in some cases.

    A standard rule for hospitals is to seek funding whenever and wherever possible. Most hospitals are non-profit and depend on donations or funding from the government. An influx of cash will likely help with several operational issues and run the organization like a well-oiled machine.

    However, with another potential recession down the line, it would be wise to hunker down and see this time through with the general tips we mentioned in this article.

    This article gives a general insight into what can be done for hospitals. At the same time, each organization’s technical aspects must be considered to ensure the institution benefits and grows.

    Mostly it’s the individual nuances that must be investigated. We hope that this article has helped you and that you help bring positive change to your hospital.

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