Five Senses of Germany

    If you want to satisfy all your senses, multifaceted Germany will not leave you indifferent. In this article, we will talk about the best places to visit Germany. Also, if you find it difficult to plan your trip, we advise you to take a free walking tour Berlin and just enjoy.



    • DomAquaree. Do you know where the largest aquarium in the world is hidden? Berlin hid this treasure in the lobby of an inconspicuous hotel on Karl Liebknecht Straße. At the heart of the building you can find a transparent elevator that will take you 14 meters along the bright and mysterious sea world.
    • Linderhof Castle. The summer favorite house of Ludwig II, which was built during the life of the king, for 17 years. The desire of the king was to create a palace in the French Baroque style. To achieve the goal, the sculptors were sent to visit France several times. Do you already imagine yourself walking through the mysterious 10 rooms of the castle? Plunging into this atmosphere is one aesthetic pleasure, because the castle was painted by the best artists of those times. Also, do not forget to look into the garden of Ludwig II, where flower beds of unusual shapes and an artificial lake are located.
    • Spreuerhofstraße (Sprouerhofstrasse) street, Reutlingen. This doll-sized street was included in the Guinness Book of Records. After all, it is rightfully considered to be the narrowest street in the world. Before visiting the Spreuerhofstrasse, it is better to postpone a delicious lunch for later, because the narrowest part of the street is 31 cm. But, in its widest part – 50 cm, you can already eat a crispy German sausage. This street became famous all over the world after reconstruction in 1726, as a result of a fire.



    • Caracalla Spa – Thermal bath, Baden – Baden. After a busy holiday, it is very important to relax well. Thermal Spa complex Caracalla, is considered the most fashionable and modern in Europe. It was founded in 1985, on the found sources of valuable thermal waters. At your disposal are 900 square meters of various pools, waterfalls, massage currents and mud baths. Be sure to visit saunas, aromatic baths and solariums. And also, for a full charge of energy, you will be offered therapeutic exercises, dance aerobics and gyms.
    • Zoologischer Garten, Berlin. The largest number of animals was collected in one zoo. It was founded in 1844. You are lucky to be a guest for more than 20,000 furry residents. Here, they took care of the comfort of the animals as much as possible, because each representative of the zoo tried to recreate the original living conditions. Most likely, you will have to spend the whole day here, because you need to have time to look at all the inhabitants – from energetic bees to free-range elephants.



    “If Adam had Beer, he would never have eaten an apple”. Yes, in Germany, beer is officially considered food. The Germans hardly imagine the end of their working day, without a foamy, intoxicating drink. Oktoberfest is the most famous beer festival in the world and takes place annually in Munich. The people of Germany value and respect their breweries so much that until 1987 they banned the sale of any other types of foreign beer in their country.

    • German street food. Now, we know that Hamburger was born, where? Of course, in Hamburg. The name of the dish was borrowed by the Americans, who made their way to the New World, through Germany. Sausages, which so temptingly sizzle in a large outdoor frying pan, are the pride of the Germans. Nürnberger Bratwurst – pork sausages with a unique spice – marjoram. Or maybe you will like the classic Frankfurter Rindswurst sausages? You can try endlessly.
    • Legendary Riesling. Riesling took an honorable 3rd place in the list of the best white wines in the world. Do not deny yourself the pleasure of taking a sip of the “King of White Wines”. It is believed that this grape variety can age seductively, playing with its acidity and multifaceted taste. It is believed that Johannesberg Monastery brought fame to Riesling. After the war, having acquired the ruined castle, the prince ordered the vineyards to be planted again, exclusively of the Riesling variety.



    • Hamburg Opera House. The oldest theater palace in Germany will plunge you into the atmosphere of the formation of the history of opera. The theater was created in 1677, since the territory of Hamburg was not affected by the war. Just imagine – you will visit the place where G. Mahler and F. Weingartner guarded. The performances were designed for the taste of the middle class and for the spiritual representatives of the town.


    • Dortmund Opera House. More than 500 theater employees work in a place that is recognized by the Cultural Foundation of Humanity. The modern building in modernist style was included in the ranking of the most incredible concert halls on the planet. The first performance in the theater was Richard Strausse’s comic opera “Der Rosenkavalier”, back in 1911. Also, the legendary operas – “The Artist Mathis” and “The Magic Flute of Mozart”, were staged here.
    • Old Cuvillies Theater. The Drama Theater was created by the architect of the same name in 1751. Now he proudly bears the title – The most beautiful theater in Europe in the Rococo style. You will also be surprised by the fact that in 1781 the Great Mozart performed here for the first time.



    • Botanical garden Planten un Blomen, Hamburg. Imagine yourself among 47 hectares of exotic plants, incredible flowering scents and soothing sounds of nature. On the territory of the park you can find a pharmacy garden with medicinal plants. Be sure to surprise your lady with a rose garden, because it has more than 300 types of your favorite flower. Also, garden designers designed a real East Asia with Japanese flowers. As the sun goes down, you can enjoy the beauty of musical fountains that shimmer with rainbow colors.
    • “Chinese Garden” at the Peace Gardens, Berlin. If you want to feel like you are looking at the whole world, this place is definitely for you. Not so long ago, the best landscape designers in the world created an incredible park, which represents the territory of designs from different countries. The most majestic was the presentation – “Chinese Garden”.


    Well, we hope that now you have definitely decided for yourself where to go in Germany. We wish you great travels and a pleasant pastime!

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