Find Your Customer, Make the Sale: 9 Unique Sales Prospecting Tips That Work

    Did you know that an experienced salesperson typically spends 7.5 hours of cold calling to get one qualified potential purchaser?

    Do you want to know how you can find your customer and make the sale quicker?

    Lucky for you, we’re here to tell you the nine best prospecting tips to help you make the sale.

    1. Define Your Ideal Prospect

    This is the most crucial tactic for a salesperson to use. Help cut down the prospecting time right off the bat by deciding who will buy your service or product. 

    For example, if you’re selling something for kids, you want to target Karen, a dedicated mom who only wants her kids’ best when she shops at the local supermarket. 

    Defining this helps you craft your pitch so you can capture her attention. 

    2. Basic Outreach

    The most basic way of prospecting is calling or cold calling, calling potential purchasers with or without brand awareness. 

    The warmer and more welcoming your call is the more likely to secure a prospect. The best candidates are those who are already somewhat familiar with your product or service and expressed interest. 

    3. Social Media Messaging

    You can use social media to your advantage by trying to create a relationship with a leader who has engaged with your brand or company on social media. You can comment or message back to questions or even check-in when you see them engaging. 

    This is an excellent way to find leads who are already showing interest.

    4. Where Have Your Best Buyers Been?

    Think about some of your best customers and where you found or met them. It could’ve been at a seminar or online. 

    Try to find similar prospects that are similar to your already existing best buyers. 

    5. Personalized Emails 

    More times than not, a prospect would instead be contacted by email than phone. The digital age, remember?

    This doesn’t mean push out bulk emails, though. Taking the time to personalize, each one pays off with prospects. Personalized emails have a 26 percent higher open rate than mass emails. 

    6. Word of Mouth

    Most people make purchasing decisions because of word-of-mouth marketing from asking for a product or service referral. Asking for referrals is the best way to get your best customers to secure you some new prospects. 

    Most people don’t want to ask, but when you do, it pays off.

    7. Be the Expert

    Have an answer to every potential question your prospect could have. Making yourself the expert helps them know you know what you’re talking about, and you’re not just hopping on the sale. 

    This includes being an expert in the marketplace, too, not just your brand or company right now

    8. Prioritize Prospects

    Make sure you are giving the best leads the most of your time. It would help if you decided who has the most potential and start there and then go down the list based on purchase potential. 

    9. Follow Up!

    Just because someone doesn’t purchase or ask for more information after the first contact doesn’t mean they’re not interested. You have to be sure to follow up at least once after every attempt. 

    A lot of the time, prospects intend to look at a product or service more but forget due to busy lives. Following up helps them remember you and makes them feel important. 

    Which Prospecting Tips Will You Use?

    Everyone figures out what works best for them and what process is most successful. However, we hope some of these prospecting tips will help you find your customer and make the sale quicker. 

    Every salesperson has the same struggle, separate yourself by prospecting like a pro. 


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