Find a Tenant Lawyer in Los Angeles and Make Sure to Protect Your Rights as a Tenant

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    There are a lot of issues that landlords and tenants alike are facing, and Los Angeles is not an exception. This is why hiring a tenant lawyer in Los Angeles can be a good idea when disputes are in relation to landlord-tenant law.  Even though you already have a good grasp about what the law, and even a good grasp as to what your legal rights are, it is still recommended that you have the best tenant lawyer Los Angeles can provide. 

    The website of the US Department of Housing and Urban Development or HUD in its Tenant Rights section can give you a wide array of state and local resources when it comes to fair housing groups, rend control boards, tenant unions, and other legal aid organizations that are available for each state. 

    But, as mentioned, even though you have all this information at hand, there are still other issues that cannot be easily resolved thereby resulting in a threat in the enjoyment of your own rental, or might even result in your ability to stay in the rental. So, when such situations arise, it is important that you consider hiring a tenant lawyer in Los Angeles, it may cost you some money, but, you are assured that you are indeed on the right track of protecting your rights as a tenant or as a landlord. 

    For Tenants, Here’s a Guide on Whether or Not It’s Time to Hire a Tenant Lawyer

    If it’s like you are caught in conflict with your landlord, here are some signals as to whether you should start considering to hire a lawyer or not. 

    • The landlord of your rented space is evicting you

    There are times that you are going to miss rent, especially when finances are a bit tough, or when the landlord is unjustly depriving you of your own space, and you know that you want to fight for your rights as a tenant, then you should already consider hiring a lawyer.

    Los Angeles has a great pool of tenant lawyers that will assist you in coming up with effective strategies and even solutions that you don’t know you have. One great example is when the reason for your notice of eviction is just retaliatory by nature. This means that you can provide specific circumstances that will serve as your support for your defense. 

    • The process of your eviction deviates from proper court procedures

    When a person is being evicted, the landlord should observe proper eviction procedures that are being set forth both by the state and local law. So, if it seems that your landlord wants to evict you and is taking the matter into his own hands, then it is high time that you contact a tenant lawyer in order for you to see to it that the eviction process is done the right way, and your rights as a tenant are protected at the same time. 

    • You are experiencing discrimination from your landlord

    If you feel that you are experiencing discrimination from your landlord, then it is but proper that you hire a lawyer so that you can properly file a complaint against your landlord, and be able to recover damages for any injustice and suffering that you have experienced from your landlord’s discriminatory acts. 

    • Your requests for necessary repairs are not heeded by your landlord

    When you have repeatedly requested necessary repairs to your space, and despite numerous requests, your landlord never entertained such, then it may result in a lot of problems. So, if your heater is broken, and you know that the heating system is in need of repairs especially during winter, then you can already contact a lawyer so that you can properly enforce your rights as a tenant. These types of repairs are important because if the heating system remains unfixed, you might end up freezing to death!

    So, if such is the case, then you can decide to have it repaired at your own expense and have the amount charged against your landlord. Thus, when it comes to actions like this, it is important that you have a lawyer who will be able to guide you with the proceedings and be able to receive settlement the soonest time possible. 

    • Promises and stipulations made by your landlord remain unfulfilled

    Part of attracting more tenants is for landlords to make promises so as to encourage applicants who are still in a conundrum as to whether they should pursue his or her rent application. One example is when the landlord promises to have an effective intercom system install, or building a gated parking lot. Then after you have already signed up for the lease contract, it seems that your landlord is not really doing anything to make good of the promises and stipulations reflected in your lease agreement. So, if you are placed in this type of position, it is still a good idea that you hire a lawyer in order to have the promises enforced.

    • You suffered from Injuries in your rented spaces or has been made ill because of poor amenities

    Accidents always have the possibility of happening even if you are in a well-run rental property. But, if unfortunately, you suffered an accident because of the negligence of your landlord, it is proper that you hire a lawyer to compel them in the execution of their responsibilities.

    • Your property suffered damages from the landlord’s poor space management

    There will be instances that your landlord will not be able to provide proper maintenance to his or her rental properties. 

    So, if it happens that you have renter’s insurance, then your insurance company will be able to cover for the loss that you have suffered and the lawyers of the insurance company will be the ones to handle reimbursement cases against your landlord. 

    But, if you did not get a renter’s insurance, then you might consider hiring a lawyer for yourself in order to help you in obtaining reimbursement for your damaged properties. 


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