Felt and Fat Explains How Restaurants Can Stand Out Amongst the Competition with Custom Tableware

    A national sigh of relief is starting to spread as more people receive coronavirus vaccinations and COVID-19 restrictions in the United States are easing up across the country. For so many businesses like restaurants whose operations drastically changed due to social distancing, it feels good to get back to operating at full capacity. As restaurants slowly adapt back to their once familiar ways, the mindsets of independent restaurants are shifting from how to stay afloat during the pandemic back to how to compete against bigger chains. 

    Felt+Fat, a Philadelphia-based tableware manufacturer, has the answer for independent restaurants who want to spice up the aesthetic flavor as people are able to fill all the dining-in tables again. The unique handmade ceramic dishes produced by Felt+Fat have been featured in numerous publications both printed and online like the Philadelphia Inquirer, Bon Appetite, Saveur, Luxe, Dwell, Surface, and The New York Times. Selecting custom tableware from a company like Felt+Fat can infuse a restaurant’s atmosphere and creativity as they compete against bigger chains while elevating the customers’ entire dining experience. 

    Make Customers Take a Second Look

    To stand apart from any competition and to receive positive reactions from those who dine-in, restaurants want to create an inviting and memorable atmosphere that keeps décor and furnishing consistent with a specific look or theme. If a restaurant does not have a particular theme at the moment and is in need of a face-lift, a modern, clean look with a warm feel is always a great avenue to take to attract customers. Adding Felt+Fat’s tableware to any dish will add to such a look as well as other types like rustic, farmhouse, bohemian, French-inspired, and so on. A design can also increase sales by influencing a customer’s phycology through how much time a customer will want to spend in a restaurant depending on the mood and vibe of the place.   

    Add the Touch of a Story

    Everyone loves a good story, and independent restaurants can add a personal touch and inviting feel to share with those who dine in by adding custom tableware. When purchasing a ceramic dish from Felt+Fat, the story of how it came to exist comes with it. Founder and artist Nate Mell started the Felt and Fat journey as a project from a small studio in Philadelphia in 2014, and at first, designed plates for Eli Kulp’s ‘High Street on Market,’ a now award-winning restaurant.  

    Show Support for Small Businesses

    Small businesses supporting other small businesses is what it is all about when competing against bigger competition. Independent restaurants that purchase dinnerware from small companies like Felt+Fat embrace the skills of the eleven employees who work there. 

    Up the Social Media Game

    Free marketing through social media is a priority for independent restaurants as it attracts new customers and keeps them returning by displaying delicious, irresistible dishes. A company like Fetl+Fat can help restaurants boost their appearance and appeal to consumers when showing food on their homemade modern, elegant tableware made using blends of porcelain and glazes. Homemade products are trending, as well, which will only bring more attention to each post. 

    About Felt+Fat

    Felt+Fat is a tableware manufacturer in Philadelphia, well-known for exquisite, handmade ceramic dishes. Their customers include famous chefs like Eli Kulp, and their work has been featured in publications such as the Philadelphia Inquirer, Food&Wine, Bon Appetite, and The New York Times. Established in 2014, Felt+Fat has developed proprietary blends of porcelain and glazes to create elegant, durable tableware.


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