eLearning Outsourcing: Create An Effective HR Training RFP

    Hiring an HR training provider can assist you in cost reduction and timely development. How do you know which provider will deliver the maximum return on investment? Directory listings, rating sites, reviews platforms, and social media are good ways to start. 

    Know the best HR solution contained in one database and more with accessing Paycom reviews. Paycom offers the technology to hire new employees, comply with rules, conduct training programs and be easy to manage and track the performance of new employees. 

    Although, you should personalize the costing estimates to be in your budget. Everything is covered under RFPs (request for proposals), from budgeting to project scope. This lets the developer customize the project according to the strategic plan and existing gaps. 

    You can offer a list of significant HR training topics they will cover with the result-oriented deliverables. Let’s discuss a few steps to develop an effective HR training RFP for eLearning outsourcing. 

    Start with your requirements, budget, and timeline.

    Providers should understand how much work they have to handle. In terms of deadline and budget, you need to clarify your HR training objectives and expectations. You don’t need to divulge all the details for a learning and development program. 

    For instance, include a price range but remove the spending amount that leaves room for negotiation and hidden charges. 

    Identify deliverables for HR training. 

    Highly the training solutions you need, including JIT (just-in-time) assistance tools and HR training modules. This needs to be compiled in a detailed list. 

    For example, each deliverable has to be related to an outcome, objective, and target audience. There should be a summarized explanation of the activity and the goal it focuses on. 

    Include delivery methods and tech specs

    It would not be suitable to hire an outsourcing firm to develop interactive content to discover that it doesn’t integrate with your existing software or the resources don’t collide with your current learning development resources. 

    Hence, you need to specify the delivery methods at the beginning. It should be accessible on all the available or every device. 

    Outline employee preferences

    Organizations’ goals and results are important, but you should consider the online training employees’ preferences, job duties, and personal gaps. 

    Of course, you want to cover the critical HR training topics. Although, rest should be within the context of their job roles. For instance, real-world interviewing experience or video demonstrations help them in developing the skill to assess. 

    Specify potential challenges of training

    One of the benefits of eLearning outsourcing is outside perspective and experience. Content developers should understand what they are getting into. The risk and challenges involved. 

    Highlight all the training difficulties you encountered. For instance, your existing HR training strategy falls short in a real-world application, and JIT tools are not up-to-date. 

    The provider must take note of these points of consideration and determine if they are up to the job. 

    Mention communication guidelines and support services

    A lot of companies make communication an afterthought for outsourcing. But it needs to be one of the top-most priorities in HR training RFP. Involve communication guidelines and support services you are expecting from the provider. 

    For instance, you may expect a weekly review meeting to provide feedback or a round of revisions after delivering the content. You can also mention your preferred point of contact to avoid any confusion in the future. 


    After following all the steps, at last, submit the request to the selected HR training vendors. These are the top cuts that have been made through the final list. You send requests to every other eLearning content vendor in your industry in the real world, but there are not enough resources or time. Additionally, your team has to assess the enormous pile of RFPs on top of their daily workload. Followed by regular follow-up with every provider to find the right recruitment strategy training solutions. 


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