Ekrin Athletics Massage Gun Review

    The massage gun market is heating up. It’s definitely time to get familiar with Ekrin Athletics (https://ekrinathletics.com)? They are setting a new standard in design and manufacturing excellence with precision massagers to fit everyone’s needs. whether you are a pro-athlete to the average Joe or Jane experiencing aches and pains.

    People have been raving about how much they love their Ekrin Athletics massage gun. See below for a list of reviews. 

    Ekrin’s hand-held devices use vibration and deep oscillation to support irritated and strained muscles. The ergonomic handles with 15 degree ease are comfortable even for people with mobility issues. With these percussive therapy devices you’ll receive a deep muscle treatment that relieves aches and pains, reduces soreness and speeds up recovery. Customers can choose from four models ranging from the unrivaled power pro athletes demand to everyday use (after a tiring day working in the yard, for instance) to on-the-go treatment (perfect for business or leisure travel), offering up to 15 speed settings.

    Here are some of the customer reviews:

    “Great service with always prompt delivery!”
    -MARK C. – B37S

    “After borrowing a friend’s Theragun, I decided a massaging gun was in my future, but decided to look
    elsewhere due to long-term quality concerns associated with the brand. Multiple internet searches on
    top-rated massage guns showcased Ekrin offerings in the top three. I purchased an Ekrin B37S and
    couldn’t be happier. The build quality is superb. The power is robust and the lifetime warranty can’t be
    beat. I feel this is definitely competitive with the Theragun I trialed, but would say the Ekrin product feltsuperior in hand, plus the results speak for themselves. I highly recommend Ekrin to anyone looking for a massaging gun for their person needs!”
    -DONNIE P. – B37S

    “After doing a ton of research, I was honestly ready to go out and get the Theragun Mini, I came across Ekrin. All of the reviews basically said, for the size, price and the warranty alone – it's worth it! That said, I went ahead and grabbed a Bantam cause I was looking for something small. I've been struggling with Plantar Fascitis throughout my life but for the past few weeks its really been bad! I have Hoka tennis shoes and I have orthopedics and they have helped relieve the pain but not completely. After just a few uses with this small little thing, the pain is basically gone. I love all of the attachments and the battery life is great! I would absolutely recommend this to anyone who is looking for the power (almost) of a full size gun at a lower price point and much smaller footprint. It does only come with the charging cord so make sure to have a charging block (perhaps an Apple ipad/iphone one or a computer USB A port).”


    Massage should not be looked at as a periodic, pricey luxury treatment, rather an essential part to a healthy lifestyle accessible at home. The Ekrin massage guns offer so many benefits including increased blood flow, faster recovery and elevated results from your workouts, better sleep, decreasing stress and anxiety, and even improvement with waste removal from the body. It’s no wonder that 

    With Ekrin, you won’t find a better customer service team in the industry, and you’ll appreciate free shipping plus a LIFETIME guarantee on all its products!


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