Easy Way to Convert vCard Files to MS Outlook

    What is the best option to convert vCard files to Outlook? Did you have a chance to make the transformation manually? This article aims to make you familiar with possible ways to move contacts from vCards to PST with the help of automatic solutions such as Outlook Transfer converter.

    Keeping In Touch

    Working contacts play a key role for clients when it comes to exchanging data with each other. Since the use of the Net is increasing every day, several users connect with other people both on a private and professional level. When it comes to professional communication, then clients can use their e-mails to communicate with each other within the same corporation. Besides, contacts that are stored in the mail client cannot be opened in any other app. However, special apps may allow people to convert vCard to Outlook, to do this, visit outlooktransfer.com.

    Useful Ideas on How to Move Contacts from vCard Format to PST

    Since the manual method is difficult to perform and it takes a lot of time, users can rely on a third-party app to make the conversion. With a special app, it becomes less complicated to move vCards to Outlook contacts without data loss. The software is specially designed to convert all elements such as email, contacts, address, etc. to a PST file format. It assists the user when transferring multiple VCF files without size limitation. It has a simple and convenient interface, which is also useful for a novice user.

    What does a special software offer?

    • A simple user-friendly interface;
    • Quick and proper conversion of files;
    • Excellent compatibility with all versions of MS Outlook;
    • 24/7 support service;
    • Flexible pricing.

    3 Steps to Select a Proper License

    If you decided to purchase a license – congratulations! It will significantly reduce your time doing routine tasks. Usually, developers provide different types of licenses which depend on the needs of customers.

    1. Home License will work for you if you require only a basic set of tasks. This is the cheapest offer, but it includes regular updates, constant support, and up to five PCs can be linked to it.
    2. Business License will be good for a big corporation, as it works for up to 50 PCs and has priority support.
    3. Technical License is a perfect solution for commercial usage and includes multiple activation functions. It also offers extended support 24/7.

    Despite there is no return funds option, you are always able to try a demo-version before to purchase it. If you follow the promotions and special deals, you could considerably save on the subscription.

    Do not waste your time on tasks that could be done by default. Building a good software infrastructure will work for your business and help you to focus on what is really important. 


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