E-Commerce Brand Genius Frankie Quiroz on Building an 8 Figure Online Business

    Frankie Quiroz was born in 1992 in Riverside, California, into a family struggling to make ends meet. Fighting against mental and financial stress, Quiroz managed to build Tuned in Tokyo, a brand of automotive-related apparel, and grow it to a 7-figure business, placing him on the map as a very successful entrepreneur. Starting with 1 million organic followers on social media in 2015, the brand grew to a 30-million strong following, and more than 30 team members working on a 7000 square-foot office. Later, he also founded Drip Creationz, an 8-figure venture that further solidified his position in the clothing industry.

    Recently, Frankie has started sharing some of his wisdom regarding his business ventures and how he got started in the world of eCommerce. Below you’ll find some of the key ideas that helped him go from rock-bottom to a multi-million-dollar success.

    Personal Development

    “First of all, your business is as big as you are.” Frankie Quiroz believes personal development is the first step you must take to build a successful business. You must learn everything there is to know about the industry you’re about to get started into and keep an open mindset to allow that learning process to continue after you’ve started. If you keep doing this every day, success is sure to come. In the words of Quiroz, “the more you learn, the more you earn.”

    Self-development is widely recognized to be a key ingredient in successful entrepreneurs, as studying and learning brings you closer to the reality of the market and of how things are done. Keeping an open mind allows you to accept sudden changes and unexpected information, enabling you to adapt intelligently to new circumstances, which is one of the bases of running a good business.

    Reputation and Overcoming Obstacles

    Quiroz came from a poor background and faced the stress and anxiety stemming from this situation. He reports the support of his friends at the beginning of his career and also an attitude of “nothing to lose, everything to gain,” that helped him find the grit needed to get a business started from the ground up.

    With this motivation, Frankie started designing t-shirts for big clothing brands and famous rap artists. This didn’t only provide some money to invest in his venture, but also gave some credibility and reputation to his work, factors that would help in achieving the 1-million organic following and subsequent sales.

    It is essential to get started in your industry of choice, even if you’re not working for yourself right at the beginning. This simple decision will allow you to test your ideas, meet people, get feedback on your work, and give you a good set of tools to start ahead of when doing so with a venture of your own. No path is free of problems and obstacles, so remember to be resilient and keep going. Hard work will always help you progress.

    Moving Upwards 

    Mindset does play an essential role in scaling up, but Frankie underlines two main reasons for growth. The first one is related to the industry you’re working on, where Quiroz reports that Tuned in Tokyo is an 8-figure business (selling t-shirts and hoodies), and Drip Creationz is a 7-figure one (selling customized shoes), making it depend on profit margins and demand for different products.

    The other factor is marketing. “Getting more eyeballs to your products” is one of the critical strategies to drive sales and growth, as the more significant the audience, the more potential customers you have.

    Depending on the demand and overall size of the industry you’re working on, you might have an easier or more challenging time reaching the 8-figure goal. The more you study your market, understand how it works, how people interact with it, and what they’re expecting, the more you will be able to make the right decisions that will increase your profits. Also, the importance of marketing can’t be stressed enough, as more visibility and exposure always contribute to more business opportunities.

    Frankie Quiroz is one of many stories of success in the realm of eCommerce, showing that having a good idea, working hard on it, and publicizing it as widely as possible is a sure way of being successful. 

    It is essential to get to know the market you’re getting into, keeping an open mind, and focusing on your personal development. Grit and resilience are crucial to keep you going even when there’s no immediate prospect of success. Also, making your products and brand as widely known as possible is vital to increase your reach, drive sales, and fight for the elusive, but very possible, 8-figure business mark.


    • Tony "Disrupt" Delgado

      CEO of Disrupt Magazine

      Tony Delgado ( @disruptceo ) is a Puerto Rican-American software developer, businessman, activist, philanthropist, tech entrepreneur, and founder of Disrupt Magazine.

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