Don’t Forget to Do These Things After Sustaining Burns at Work

    With the right training and safety standards at work, it is impossible that you end up getting injuries. However, if your employer did not train you well, and they allow you to use hazardous, but poorly-maintained equipment, things could go wrong. If you were a victim while at work because of how you handled a hot surface, you need to do the right thing and seek compensation through the process of burn claims.

    Take a photo of the affected part

    You need to take a picture of the injury even if it is painful for you to do so. Ask your fellow employees to help you take images if you can’t do it yourself. You also need to take photos of the equipment and the work environment at the time of the incident. You need this evidence when you go to the court to ask for burn at work compensation.

    Go to the doctor right away

    There are instances when you feel like you can take the pain, but in reality, it might be worse than what you think. Apply first-aid treatment or ask for your company nurse to come over and treat you. Proceed to a medical doctor to have further checks and diagnosis. Seek a medical report since you can use this information as you head to the court, proving the severity of the impact on your skin.

    File an accident report

    Filing a report is something that most employees fail to do because they start panicking because of the incident. As a result, employers use this loophole to show that nothing happened on the day of the accident. If you can’t file a report because you needed to be in the hospital, ask someone to do it for you. Submitting it as soon as you finish seeing the doctor is also another option.

    Request security camera footage

    Usually, factories and other industrial sites have security cameras all over the place. The government has the right to request the said footage if it involves public safety or criminal activities. The problem is that when employers feel that the footage will implicate them, they will make excuses that the camera did not capture the incident, or the cameras were broken. Before they think of doing it, request the footage right away, or ask the court to subpoena the company. You can use it as evidence to strengthen your claim.

    Record everything that you recall

    If there is no footage, you can ask your fellow workers to testify on your behalf. The problem is that since they are still employees of the company, they might be afraid to speak out for you. The next best thing is your statement. Standing in front of a judge could confuse your account, so it helps if you record everything that you remember as soon as possible. While your memory is still fresh, record yourself detailing the sequence of events.

    You can’t cover the cost of the medical treatment and other expenses, so you need to win this case, and get compensation from your employer.  


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