Digital Advertising: What Do Absolute Digital Media Experts Predict?

    The marketing landscape has changed drastically over the years with many businesses having to adapt to Google Algorithm changes to make their marketing tactics work. But what are the main changes that are due to take place in 2021? To help you get ahead of the curve, we will be providing you with some of the digital marketing trends that can benefit your business in 2021. 

    Focusing On No Click Search And Featured Snippets 

    Throughout 2020 we saw yet another series of changes to Google Core Algorithm with what looks likes a focus on keeping people on the search engine for much longer. One of the ways that they have done this is using Featured Snippets and No-click search results. These are designed to give those using the search engine the answer that they are looking for without having to click onto any other webpages. As a company, you will want to optimize content and focus on keywords that can get you into the featured snippet spot in the search results. This can be done with content created in-house or using an agency such as Absolute Digital Media to create content and conduct keyword research. 

    The Importance Of Interactive Content 

    In addition to aiming for the featured snippets, it is important to create shareable content. Whether these are videos for social media channels or making an infographic on some of the most relevant topics, you can begin to create interactive content that works for you and perfectly shows your companies unique personality. Content can be created either by an in-house content writer or a team of content creators from digital agencies such as the likes of Absolute Digital Media

    Local SEO Is A Must For Smaller Businesses 

    In the year of 2020, the world has been turned completely upside down with several local businesses being closed down for the majority of the year. With this has come the need for local SEO to boost the online presence of several local businesses. Even some of the largest digital marketing agencies in the UK have had to start somewhere with the likes of Neil Patel and Absolute Digital Media Founder Ben Austin have all used SEO best practices and other marketing techniques to benefit their businesses and see them expand into the businesses that they are today. This is set to be a huge trend in 2021 and can aid in rebuilding the brand identity of a business upon reopening after lockdowns. 

    Mobile Advertising Is Becoming More Important Than Ever Before 

    The final trend that is set to be a major difference in 2021 is the use of mobile advertising. With several more people spending more time than ever before the use of marketing on applications such as Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger is soon becoming a faster way of marketing services and products. Though there are several apps out there that are yet to offer marketing space, we are expecting this to be a major trend throughout 2021. 

    Whether you are looking to market your much larger business or you are looking to get your small business up and running, we are sure that some of these design trends are the right ones for you. Which of these will you be using?


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