Different ways to accelerate onboarding with your cloud-based LMS software

    It’s more important than ever for companies to properly onboard new employees in light of issues like a rise in remote workers and a high rate of employee departures. The ability to train new staff when and when they need it might give you an advantage over the competition. A cloud-based learning management system (LMS) like Mindflash Technologies is a system that is hosted remotely. Employees can access company servers without the requirement for the company to set up and maintain servers. Remotely managed third-party services can be used. Since the advent of cloud-based LMS systems, organizations have enhanced how they train their workforces. An excellent solution for hosting your educational activities is now at your disposal.


    Below are some of the ways a Cloud-Based LMS can improve the employee onboarding process:


    Bring the procedure up to scratch.

    A cloud-based learning management system (LMS) can assist in standardizing the onboarding process. Formalizing the integration of your materials and outlining the leaders’ expectations will help you achieve more success in your organization. Then you may repeat the procedure so that it doesn’t have to be changed for each new employee. An employee’s first day on the job may not be the only time they are required to complete paperwork or watch a video from the CEO as part of the onboarding process. This allows them to spend their first day with their new manager and the team doing actual work rather than filling out paperwork.


    Facilitate remote onboarding

    If you utilize a cloud-based LMS system, your students can access an online course anywhere they have an internet connection. You don’t have to worry about downloading and installing the program. This adaptability comes in handy when you’re training a large group of people at once and need to get them all up to speed as quickly as possible.


    Narrow your focus

    With the help of LMS components such as quizzes, tests, and games, you can assess new hires and ascertain their suitability for various job responsibilities. Utilizing this feature can help you identify areas of strength and potential growth for new hires, allowing you to target your future training efforts better. This strategy gives you a competitive advantage because most organizations don’t conduct performance or aptitude evaluations until six months into a new employee’s job.


    Engage new employees as much as can during onboarding

    You’ll be able to adapt your strategy more quickly if you use a cloud-based LMS. Points and badges can inspire students and keep them engaged with the material. Checkpoints can be easily set to ensure nothing is missed during the onboarding process. Because you’ll know what to expect from your employees, you’ll be able to tell who has completed their training and who needs additional time on specific subjects.

    Keep tabs on the progress of each of your employees.

    One of the most significant advantages of a cloud-based LMS is the ability to monitor employee growth. You can see which module they are in, what skills they need to work on, and how long it will take them to complete the course. Then you’ll be able to assess their abilities and make appropriate job placement decisions accurately.


    Reduce the number of one-on-one training sessions conducted by senior staff.

    It is critical for a new employee’s performance to spend time with senior personnel, whether it be a direct supervisor or a top-level executive. It gives them a sense of belonging and a glimpse into your company’s priorities and decision-making processes. But if senior staff members spend too much time training new employees, it detracts from productivity and increases the stress and pressure on an entire organization. Let’s face it, a director or C-level executive has little business training recruits unless those individuals are their direct reports. Senior management may spend more time with new hires by automating the onboarding and training processes with an LMS system.



    A quick and thorough onboarding process is essential for new workers to be fully integrated into your company. It’s possible to tailor the onboarding process for each new hire using cloud-based LMS software, depending on its settings. Remember, though, that onboarding performance is measured in other cases; doing things the proper way even if it takes more time is preferable to shortcuts. In the end, this will show up in your staff retention rate.

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