Different Concepts of Marketing

    Marketing refers to the act an organization undertakes to engage its target audience, develop a positive relationship with them to generate surplus value to extract value from them, and deliver services and products that satisfy their needs. It is the mechanism by which organizations shape and structure their customer relationships. Marketing is also known as the science of purchasing. It is a systematic process and involves the development of a particular strategy for the achievement of market objectives.

    Researching and Analysis Are The Pillars Of Marketing Activity

    They provide knowledge on what sells and what doesn’t. A marketing research program helps in identifying potential markets, consumer behavior, product development, pricing and promotion, and other factors that affect sales. As such, research and analysis form the heart of any successful marketing program. Even if the plan is limited to researching how to get spotify followers, there is a clear need for analysis. 

    Marketing Management: Definition, Aim, and Other Concepts

    Marketing management is the process of aligning marketing objectives with company goals and objectives. It is the vehicle through which organizational decision-making is carried out. Marketing management is used to achieve a balanced set of goals – marketing and business development. The process of marketing management involves defining and measuring marketing concepts, establishing and maintaining a proper marketing concept, marketing goals, marketing activities, marketing theory, and principles, evaluating marketing situations, planning and executing marketing programs, and analyzing marketing results. This work facilitates the positioning of the company in the marketing context.

    The aim of marketing management is to ensure the creation of financial profit. In addition, the objectives of marketing management are to help the company meet the competition. Marketing strategies are developed for meeting various competing conditions. The goal of societal marketing is to promote social development by creating awareness of environmental issues, promoting public goods or services, and involving the social sectors in economic and social development.

    Marketing Concepts Form The Base For Any Marketing Program

    These include but are not limited to brand marketing, creative marketing, eco-marketing, consumer marketing, demand marketing, digital marketing, enterprise marketing, and integrated marketing strategies. Brand marketing helps individuals and organizations become recognized for their unique qualities by creating a distinctive visual image. Creative marketing focuses on using creative means to build up consumers’ interest in the product or service.

    The Importance of Keyword Marketing 

    Keyword marketing helps marketers identify keywords from the market that would help them target their customers. It is an important aspect of a marketing strategy since keywords help consumers find products. There are two forms of keyword marketing; keyword targeting and keyword search. Keyword search is a form of advertising where marketers research the market to look for potential consumers.

    Advertising is also an important marketing concept. Advertising occurs in many forms. Advertisements can be print, electronic, or online. Media plays an important role in marketing since it reaches out to the mass. It is necessary that advertisers meet the needs and expectations of consumers by advertising their products.

    Online Marketing Concepts 

    These include search engine optimization, banner ads, pay-per-click marketing, and classified ads. It helps the product or service to achieve its intended purpose as well as the targeted consumers. A marketing concept focuses on creating an environment in which consumers feel comfortable buying a product or availing of a service. It should be user-friendly so that they can easily purchase or avail of the services.

    Marketing Myopia

    Marketing myopia refers to the marketers’ blindness towards the target market. In order to gain success, marketers should know the real needs and requirements of the consumers. This helps them identify the right product concept and approach towards marketing. Other factors like business development and financial capacity determine the success or failure of a marketers’ marketing concept.

    Relationship Marketing

    Relationship marketing is one of the marketing concepts that focus on developing positive consumer/business relationships. In order to make this concept successful, marketers need to develop a strong business and personal relationship with their clients. This allows consumers to feel that they can trust them. They should have a good sense of humor and show consideration to their clients. They avoid using harsh words and bad manners.

    Influencer Marketing Is One Of The Most Challenging Marketing Concepts

    The main aim of influencer marketing is to obtain publicity for a product or service by attaching a name or logo of an existing popular figure. For marketers, this concept can prove to be very effective as they can establish a name or logo of a famous personality. They can even hold secret sessions and invite other well-known personalities to attend. These sessions can help them gather information and experience from these well-known people and incorporate it into their respective marketing activities.

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