Dedicated Game Servers And Why You Need Them

    If you love playing video games, you’ve probably encountered tons of frustrating moments during gameplay. From rogue players breaking the rules to infuriatingly slow loading of games, gaming becomes less fun when there is a little too much problem involved. 

    Other times, you could want a little more control over your gaming environment. You may want to block out some players and leave others. You may also crave for some serious customization of your gaming environment. If you’ve ever been in these frustrating situations but had no clue how to fix things – a Dedicated Game Server Hosting might be just what you need. 

    For clarity, if you are an enthusiastic gamer, you’re already probably using a game server most times. When you log in to play those online multiplayer games, you’re connecting to a game server. The only difference is that you are almost certainly connecting to a shared server. By ‘shared server’ we mean, you’re sharing the server’s resources with just about everyone else that uses the server. These kind of servers come with some limitations. 

    All you need to know about shared hosting web services

    Notwithstanding, you’ve probably seen ads about Dedicated Game Server Hosting. If you’ve pondered how a dedicated game server can make your gaming more fun and hassle free, below are some reasons you should sign up for one. 

    Improved gaming experience

    The greatest reasons gamers opt for a dedicated game server hosting is to improve their overall gaming experience. These games are fun and everyone wants a piece of it. Thousands of other players are also probably connecting and playing on the same server at the same time as you. This means there’s an enormous amount of pressure on the game server you’re connecting to. 

    A dedicated game server hosting beats such limitations by dedicating an entire server rack to you alone. You get a whole slice of processing power and storage space dedicated to you alone. When playing games hosted on a dedicated game server, you and all your co-players get more resources leading to a seamless gameplay experience.  

    Reduces latency during gameplay

    One of the most annoying problems in massive online multiplayer games is lag. You’re almost sure to lose that million dollar game contest if you are experiencing too much latency during gameplay. Apart from a slow internet connection, an overloaded or slow server will definitely slow down your gameplay. If too many people are connected to a server without the facilities to handle such numbers, you could end up with a ridiculously lagged gameplay. 

    However, if you are running on a dedicated server, you’ll likely have enough server power to handle quite a huge number of users. If you’re setting up the server to play with only a few friends, you’ll have more than enough resources to play even the most demanding of games. Also, your hosting company will likely provide specialized gaming software that will help speed up game data transmission. At the very least, they will provide you enough processing power to run your games at its peak capacity. 

    Choice of a closer server

    Your current server could be located anywhere across the world. From the location you are playing from, if your server is located half way across the world, you may experience slower connections in a lot of games. While signing up for a dedicated game server hosting, you have the option of choosing a hosting company with data servers close to you. With a little bit of luck, you could find a good dedicated game server hosting with that centers in your country or your state. Your internet service provider aside – it’s basically –  the closer your server, the better your connection speed. 

    Greater customization and control

    Sometimes, the gaming configuration you’re currently using isn’t really something you would prefer. They would probably be a lot of things you want done differently, and privileges you would also love to have. A dedicated game server offers you much added customization and control over your gaming environment than you would normally get. 

    For example, you could block and unblock users at ease, totally modify the gameplay settings, create new rules or even dictate how the game is played. You can also control who is allowed on the server as well as install software and set up new tools. Depending on the game you are hosting, your power of customization could be incredibly enormous. Apart from defeating your opponents, nothing gives you much joy during gameplay than having total control of the game. 

    Whether you are just looking to improve your general gaming experience or trying to create a smooth environment to play online games with your friends, using a dedicated game server just makes sense. It may be a little pricey, but if you’re super passionate about gaming you’ll definitely find that it’s worth the stress.


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