COVID–19 Sanitization: Effectiveness of Industrial Steam Cleaner

    Instead of using sanitization chemicals, industrial steam cleaners help in combating the Covid-19 virus in a combination of high temperatures and steams.

    Although the manufacturing process in an industrial environment has gone through massive advancement over the years, the cleaning process remained in its basics for a long time. The traditional ways of ensuring hygiene in such a high-pressured environment through the use of brooms, brushes, and cleaning liquids are still in practice in most sectors. However, the Covid-19 crisis put up a massive obstacle to that process, as they are not quite effective in combating this particular virus.

    Luckily, an industrial steam cleaner – a relatively new tool that is revolutionizing the industrial cleaning process – can effectively sanitize from Covid-19 without any additional effort. They don’t often even need the use of any additional chemicals.

    What is a Steam Cleaner?

    A steam cleaner is almost similar to a vacuum cleaner so frequently used in our homes, except that the former uses steam to perform its cleaning activities. They take in water, heats them up to their boiling points, and converts them into a stream of hot, dry steams. Once the steams are released on a surface, it helps to moisturize the stains and clean them off.

    There are quite a few different versions of steam cleaners; with the industrial ones capable of producing much higher heat and pressure, while also equipped with a larger water tank.

    What are the Uses of Steam Cleaners?

    Steam cleaners are usually applied to perform a deep cleaning in an effective, economical, and faster way. Whether it’s an industrial steam cleaner or otherwise, they can be applied to a great variety of surfaces and areas for cleaning.

    These advanced cleaners can melt any stains and clean up the grease and grime, while also ensuring maximum hygiene. With the addition of accessories like nozzles and brushes, they can also be utilized to clean any challenging corner – be it production equipment or tile grouting. As a result, they can be very useful for industries, including food, healthcare, dairy, motors & garages, hospitality, and many more.

    As dry steams are produced through the use of high temperature and pressure, they get dried up as soon as they are sprayed; making it a faster process than any other alternatives. It is also an eco-friendly, natural process that doesn’t require the use of any chemicals.

    Can Steam Cleaners Sanitize from Covid-19?

    Research conducted by various different sectors has proved that dry steams can remove up to 99.99% of bacteria and viruses when applied to a surface. This is significantly more than even the best chemical cleaners. As most viruses including Covid-19 can’t survive a temperature above 70°C; it works wonders to sanitize the large areas of industrial plants.

    Anyways, to achieve the maximum effect, you have to apply the jet of steams within 10 cm from the surfaces. You can also use a special disinfectant with the waters for the highest safety assurance.


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