Cost of living in Philadelphia

    This city is popularly known as the City of Brotherly Love. This city is loved by many because of its cheaper cost of living compared to other big cities like New York and Seattle. There are still areas in the city where houses can still be bargained and are located in a safer environment. So we are going to take a look at some of the factors to consider when you are trying to compare the standards of living with other cities. This will perhaps play a significant role when you are looking to move into the city r looking to move out the current city that you are in. These factors include;

    Housing costs in Philadelphia

    If you are planning to buy a house in Philadelphia, studies show that you can easily get a one-bedroomed house at an average price of $317500. Ironically, you can also find a two-bedroomed house at a price of $195750 and three bedrooms at $115000. This makes the average price range of homes in Philadelphia to be $150000. Studies have also shown that there are too many foreclosures in Philadelphia which gives an opportunity for new homeowners to bargain the price at the foreclosure auction.

    Philadelphia rent

    Studio apartments in Philadelphia are very common in Philadelphia. The approximate rent for a studio apartment is $1152. Two bedrooms and three bedrooms houses go at an average of $1503 and $1689 respectively.

    Utilities in Philadelphia

    Utilities may include water, electricity, gas, and internet. In Philadelphia, the monthly utility bill may rise to an excess of $150. It should also be noted that this is the amount for just a 915 square-foot apartment. Studies have shown that internet consumption will require you to pay an average price of $57.31. Digitalexits provides you with options that work for you to determine your actual amount.

    Cost of food

    Food is a basic necessity. You are advised to spend a minimum of $12.20 which makes it $378.22 per month. However, this amount is said to be 1.5% above the average price. However, if you are not the one to cook in the house, you may opt to eat outside. These costs should amount to a minimum of $12 and the cheap restaurant or $55 if you choose to go to a high-end restaurant.


    Citizens living in Philadelphia and own property are required to pay property tax rate amounting to 0.925%. It should be noted that among all the eight states that use the flat income tax, Philadelphia charges the least with 6%. Philadelphia also charges a municipal income tax called Local Earned Income Tax at 3.924%.

    Philadelphia sports

    Sports has been a popular activity in the city. Prices for sports games range from $37 and $95 with the Philadelphia Eagles being the most expensive.

    Philadelphia Arts

    You cannot visit the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Entry charges $20 during the first Sunday of the month, and after five you can pay the little that you have. Another famous art scene is the Barnes Foundation which charges up to $22 for adults while children with age between 0 and 5 enter freely.

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