College Preparation For Parents: How to Cope When Kids Leave Home

    College move-in day can be one of the most exciting days in a young adult’s life, and one of the most dreaded days to their parents! As your baby birds leave the nest, you may be wondering: what will your life look like as an empty nester?

    It’s very common for parents to feel a little out of place after their child goes off to school. But with the right preparation, you can make the transition to empty nesting smooth and simple! Read on to learn some of our favorite college preparation tips for parents.

    Help Your Child with College Preparation

    While new college students are anxious to prove themselves, they’ll still need some help transitioning to their new home. Helping your child while they’re preparing for college can be a rewarding (and even entertaining experience.)

    Plus, there are some bonus benefits for the parents! You can ease your own anxiety by knowing that you’ve done everything you can to help your kid prep. It’s also a great excuse to spend quality time with your child. 

    Talk about Drugs and Alcohol

    Parties are a fact of life on most college campuses, so even if you don’t want your child partying, you should take the time to teach them some of the risks and hazards so that if (or when) they decide to party, they’re prepared. This is also a great time to teach them about lifeline laws, which may save their life (or someone else’s.)

    For example, warn them about drink tampering. A college student should never put their drink down so that there’s never an opportunity for someone to slip something into it.

    Large college parties are also likely to present opportunities for drug use. Speaking to your child about the detriments of drug addiction and the huge safety risks of using illicit substances can help keep them safe. 

    Worried about whether your child is using drugs? Use these seven signs as guidelines for when to intervene. 

    Stay in Touch

    Even if you can’t go with your kid to college, you can stay with them in spirit! Even though most kids don’t want to admit it, they do miss their parents eventually. Staying in touch with your child will help both parties adjust to this major life change.

    No time for a video chat? Try shooting a quick text every now and then to let them know you care. If you’re wanting to go the extra mile, you can even put together a care package for them and mail it to their dorm. 

    Empty Nesting

    It’s totally normal to be anxious during the college preparation process. But the good news is that an empty nest gives you the chance to cultivate other parts of your life that you may have been putting off. Why not try that photography class, or take that trip to Jamaica?

    When in doubt, remember that your child is only a phone call away. To learn more about how to prepare for college, check out our other blog posts!


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