City Care Project Expands Outreach To Downtown Los Angeles

    As communities across the US continue to go through the toughest times, Harvest Rock Church is on a relentless commission to heal the nation’s wounds. Last month, the church launched City Care Project, dedicated to the economic recovery of its hometown of Pasadena, California. Now, in a new mission, the church is focusing on reconstructing small businesses in downtown Los Angeles which has seen recent downfalls due to both the delayed closures of Covid-19 as well as recent rioting in the area.

    Harvest Rock Church has been playing a key role in reviving communities that suffered from the repercussions of Covid-19. With ministries such as City Care Project and California Dreamin’ the church has been there for its community spiritually, practically and financially. City Care Project was launched as a response to the desperate need for revitalization in Pasadena. Founding pastors of HRC, Ché and Sue Ahn, are committed to providing financial relief, beginning with $50,000 in donations during the last week in May, to struggling small businesses and individuals who lost their jobs due to the pandemic. The continuation of this new initiative aims to continue the original goals while attempting to alleviate the burden on small businesses that were affected by the ongoing riots in Downtown LA.

    The unlawful killing of George Floyd by police officers in Minneapolis, Minnesota instigated protests across the US and the world against police brutality, injustice and racism. While most remained peaceful, many protests in major US cities have turned into violent riots. Looters and vandals infiltrated the demonstrations seeking to wreak havoc on the cities. Countless retail stores have suffered heavy property damage and inventory loss that has reportedly amounted to billions of dollars. “Small businesses shouldn’t have to pay for the anger that is being caused right now,” said Anthony Galindo, who owns a phone repair shop Broken We Can Fix in Los Angeles. The livelihood of families who have invested in their community was gone in a matter of hours. After a week of mayhem and nightly curfews, cities across the nation continue to struggle to reopen.

    While turmoil seems to decline, protestors, still rightfully outraged, are roaming the streets of LA, though more peaceful this time. Thousands of volunteers took the streets to clean up the damage caused by rioters and boarding up local shops to prevent looting. Those that were set to reopen before the civil unrest took place are now facing new challenges. ”We were supposed to officially open June 2nd which is tomorrow but due to the recent riots we have decided to keep our doors closed for a little longer until the riots settle down.” says the Neihule family, who own and operate Neihule Salon in the heart of Downtown LA. They are also recipients of a City Care Project donation by Harvest Rock Church. “We were completely shocked but also very grateful to Papa Ché and Mama Sue for their leadership and their heart to give a special offering for struggling small businesses during this difficult time,” the family added.

    Harvest International Ministry (HIM) is considered one of the most diverse and multicultural networks in the world with ministries spanning 65 nations. The church stands in solidarity with the latest wave of the civil rights movement. “Just being quiet about racism, I feel what I would call a sin of omission,” Pastor Ché said last Friday. For the next 8 days, starting June 4, the church will host 1-hour prayers at noon on the steps of the Ambassador Auditorium in Pasadena in honor of George Floyd. “We want to recognize the 8 minutes of the murder of George Floyd and the racial injustice in our nation and to take a stand in prayer together.” says executive pastor Gwen Gibson. “As a multiracial community, we will share the stories of our pain and injustice” she added. The church will also launch Harvest Rock DTLA, in which the first congregations will be led by HIM pastors Gavin & Marlyne Barret.” Harvest Rock Church is devoting many of its resources in an effort to bridge the divide and offer relief to small businesses in Los Angeles that have suffered unnecessary losses. To join these revolutionary causes and learn more about Harvest Rock Church, please visit


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