Choosing The Right Radiator for Your Needs

    So you have made the decision to remove your old radiators and replace them with a much more modern radiator. This is a great decision that will have a huge impact on not only the heating in your home but also on your finances. A modern radiator comes with technology that can heat your home with less energy and can last much longer. More importantly though, thanks to this technology, radiators can now come in even more shapes and sizes. But where do you start and what type of radiator suits your needs?

    The Classic Radiator

    If you are looking for a radiator that looks like the radiator that we all know and love, then this category of radiators will be for you. If you want to go really classic then you can consider a ‘Cast Iron’ radiator which looks like it is straight out of a stately home. These radiators are traditional looking and are a bold statement in your room. Suppliers such as Trade Radiators will supply ‘Cast Iron’ radiators in a wide range of colours to make an even bolder statement.

    If you don’t want a radiator as bold as a ‘Cast Iron’ radiator, then you can look at other ‘Column Radiators’ which will allow you to have a similar design but with materials that are more conventional. This allows the radiators to be sleeker and will blend into the background. Column radiators can also be long and thin and can be designed to fit into most spaces.

    So if you have a uniquely shaped room then these could be the right radiator for you.

    The Efficient Radiator

    If you are less bothered about the intricate design of the radiator but you are more focused on how well they perform, then these radiators may be the ones for you.

    These types of radiators are often called ‘Convector Radiators’, these tend to have well-designed technologies that reflect the heat. This means that the radiators have a greater heat output than your regular radiator. If you want a radiator that is compact and doesn’t take up a lot of space but does emit a lot of heat, then these small boxy radiators may be for you. They can neatly fit in most spaces and aren’t very noticeable. 

    Another option is a type of radiator that you may see in a lot of modern homes. This is the ‘Double Panel Convector Radiator’. These radiators give out an unbelievable level of heat which means that it is cheap to run. They are also fairly easy to maintain and rarely seem to cause any issues. This is why they are often the most popular type of radiator.

    Style or Substance?

    The biggest decision to make when purchasing your next radiator is do you want to focus on style or substance? There are various types of radiators out on the market and you can most definitely find a unique and bold design to suit your decoration. There are no shortages of styles and you are certain to find the right design for you.

    However, if you do decide to focus on the style of the radiator then you will not be receiving the maximum amount of heat you could be. If you are the type of person who hates the cold winters and likes to live in a constant tropical temperature, then you may choose to leave style behind. Convector radiators are definitely for you and will live in the hot home that you have always dreamed about.

    Whether you go for style or substance it is always important to try and keep your radiators modern. Even a new classic radiator will contain newer technology that will heat your house better and will work more efficiently.


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