Can You Escape The Paniq Room

    New Theory team tried to escape the Paniq room with the loot.

    If you are the kind of person that likes to do fun things and want to live the movie not just watch it, then an Escape Room is the perfect PLAY for you, friends, and family. I personally love escape rooms! So much that I have done about 60 of them. I know crazy right!? They are so much fun and can become an every weekend thing, just like the movies but much better. You are in the “movie” and need to solve puzzles and work with your team to escape the room in 60 minutes or less.

    My team and I went to PaniQ Escape Room in NYC and did The Cage, the Cards, and the Cash. This was a Wild West Themed Private Escape Room. The Escape Room is about a Big River is a town on the rise. Gold’s been found in the hills, makin’ it a bustlin’ little burg overnight. Yessir, this here town’s got a lot to celebrate, which is why ol’ Charlie decided to host the biggest poker game of these territories – a $10,000 stake, held in waiting in Charlie’s Saloon. But that’s just too sweet a pot for you and yer crew to ignore. Lucky for you, the saloon’s got a backdoor that heads right into Sheriff Portman’s office. It won’t take much to get you thrown into a cell, and sharin’ a little coin with his two-bit deputy Findley will get Sheriff out of town for a good hour. Time for an old-fashioned jailbreak so you can get into Charlie’s Place to grab that loot before the law gets back. Hop to it, outlaws! Yer burnin’ daylight!

    This Room was so much fun! From the start to end it had us all on our feet thinking, exploring and just having an amazing time. It was a great team building experience as well, we all had to work together to solve the puzzles in the room. It was really a one of a kind experience, it was difficult but our game master was very helpful, and gave us the hints we needed. Very well organized and the set up was so realistic I really felt like I was trapped in a jail cell/ bar set up back in the day. You guys need to go visit them and do this room! I highly recommend it if you are looking for something fun to do as a date night, or a night out with your friends or family. It will be a great experience and will have you talking about it for a couple of days.

    About the game:


    -For 2-7 Players

    -From age: 12

    -Game duration: 60 minutes

    This is just one of the rooms in this location, they also have three more: Perfect Crime,  Jailbreak, Insane Asylum, and Pyramid Heist which is (coming soon).

    Definitely check them out!


    Phone number: (646) 692-8100


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