Business Spotlight: Stratton Equities’ CEO, Michael Mikhail

    An effective leader is familiar with the fundamentals of running a successful company.  Every successful business is led by someone who recognizes how important it is for every team member to succeed. Still, sadly, the Private Money lending industry frequently gets in the way of that. Thankfully, all industries must reach a point of deviation from the broken order of things. The Private Money lending industry underwent a transformation, and Michael Mikhail was at the forefront of that change.

    Michael Mikhail noticed something was wrong with how private money lending companies operated. He saw an opportunity to make a difference. He started his own company, Stratton Equities, which provides the largest array of Private Money & NON-QM loan programs in the country.

    When he started his business, he knew there were fundamental aspects of the industry he wanted to change. Thanks to his unstoppable determination and his amazing team’s help, he could do so. Stratton Equities is growing to be the premier name in NON-QM & Private Money lending. Their target is to fund 1.2 billion dollars in volume for 2023.

    When he started his company, he started with the basics. While he may want to change the entire industry, it all started with keeping himself accountable. Michael Mikhail is accountable not only for his own actions but also for those he hires and manages throughout his organization. He holds himself and others accountable for the success of their business through clear communication and expectations set from the start of employment with his company.

    The upfront training management and support allow our loan offers to succeed quickly in this industry.

    With Stratton Equities, he combatted all of that with effective changes. His business provides its loan officers with a constant influx of direct and organic inbound leads, which allows the loan officers to focus on fostering positive relationships with potential clients. They aren’t distracted by worrying about where they will find their next lead, instead, they can focus on providing effective services for their current client. Moreover, they are able to work with a wider array of clients from a diverse set of backgrounds thanks to the company’s large number of loan program options. Providing more direct ad organic leads and the ability to turn down fewer clients creates a large pool of work for the loan officers working at Stratton Equities.

    While this greatly benefits the loan officer team at Stratton Equities, this equally benefits the company’s clientele. Stratton strives to balance its internal and external goals as a company. You don’t want only your employees to be satisfied but also your clientele and foster strong business relationships. They understand that their clients are an integral part of their business. This means that they want their loan officer team members to feel supported by the company and their clients to feel supported by their loan officers within the company itself. Those in need of private money lending usually go to such financial institutions. They’ve already given up on traditional banking because they haven’t been able to get approved and able to meet closing deadlines, for example. Unfortunately, most private money lenders offer a small array of options. Now, the consumer has to go through the work of speaking with countless companies only to learn they don’t offer any Private Money & NON-QM loan programs that they qualify for. With Stratton’s myriad loan program options, they don’t have to worry about not finding at least one option that will provide them with the loan programs that fit their unique scenarios that they are searching for. By offering an array of loan programs for loan officers to offer clientele, each individual client will be able to find a program that fits most of their needs perfectly.

    By creating a business that benefits the customers and the employees, Michael Mikhail creates a symbiotic relationship. His employees are happy and thrive, while clients receive the quality services they deserve and keep coming. It’s how a business should be run and Michael Mikhail showed us the blueprint of an effective leader.

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