Brasserie 8 ½ Finest French Cuisine in NYC

    New Theory did a tasting and wine dinner at Brasserie 8 ½, brought me back to Lyon, France

    I usually do not eat French food for various reasons.  Mostly due to the availability.  I had the pleasure of spending time in France where I grew an appreciation for their food and culture.  I spent most of my time there for business (in a previous life) in Lyon as I became enamored with the culture. Not to date myself, but the last time I went to Brasserie was over 20 years ago.  I regret not going back sooner.  New Theory was invited for food and wine tasting and the dinner and service far exceeded our expectations (which were high to begin with).

    A little about Brasserie 8 ½

    Brasserie 8 ½ is a stylish French brasserie just steps from Fifth Avenue on 57th Street. Chef Franck Deletrain deftly upgrades dishes from the brasserie repertoire, offering sophisticated French cuisine amidst original artwork by Léger, Matisse and others favored by the Louvre.

    Guests enter by way of a grand, sweeping, spiral staircase and dine on white tablecloths in plush dining rooms. Choose beloved classics with a new light touch like Lobster Bouillabaisse, or splendid plates of beef such as Cote du Boeuf with Sauce Bordelaise.

    It’s great for both business or pleasure, Brasserie 8 ½ offers an enticing, modern slice of la belle époque and all its spécialités, from Kir Royales to Seafood Plateaux and Crème Caramel.  It was also seen on Sex In The City (also dating myself again).

    For apps we had Mac & Cheese w Truffle butter and Lobster Bisque.   Although both were very rich, for  arguably simple beginners, they were best I’ve ever had for each (French Restaurant or anywhere for that matter).

    For main course we had Lamb and Steak Frites.  Both were cooked to perfection and succulent to say the least.  As for wine, we paired it with a Cotes du Rhone.  We also experimented with some cocktails including their signature Cosmo and a Moscow Mule in the tin cup.

    Here are some photos of the restaurant photo and menu items:


    Photos courtesy of:

    We at New Theory an absolute excellent time as the food and service were equisite.

    Reservations: Suggested

    Dress to Impress

    For more information on Brasserie, go to their website:


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