Brad R Lambert’s Top Tips For Staying Productive During the Global Pandemic

    We sat down with Producer, Talent Manager and International Speaker Brad R Lambert to see what he recommends for someone trying to stay productive during this pandemic.

    Tip1 – Focus On What You Can Control 

    In a situation like this there are so many uncertainties and things you have no control over. It can be very deflating and you catch yourself feeling hopeless and sometimes even worthless because what you know and what you’re used to is no longer the norm. Understanding this, you have to focus on what you can control. Put your time and effort into areas that aren’t solely reliant on external factors: Your workout schedule, sleep cycle, relationships, personal projects, self-development, etc. Use this time to grow in areas that were potentially neglected before the pandemic began, so when we ultimately get back to some form of normalcy, you’ve made progress and have come out the other side better.

    Tip2 – Be Patient, But Not Complacent

    Due to the fact that there’s a lot we can’t control right now, being patient is a lot more difficult than normal. You have to give yourself a break and appreciate the little wins each and every day and not let yourself slip into an impatient mindset. Having said that, you can’t afford to let yourself get too comfortable either (too patient) and begin to make excuses as to why things aren’t happening or moving quickly enough etc. Stay accountable, be patient, give yourself some credit for the “wins” you’re getting and don’t get complacent!

    Tip3 – Take Care of Yourself

    These are difficult times, there’s no other way to say it. Depression, anxiety and stress are high – We are all doing our best to get through this unique time. With so many uncertainties, setbacks and feeling helpless because we can only control so much, you have to take time for yourself. Prioritize your happiness and health, do what’s necessary to make sure you’re in a good place because it’s easy to slip into a bad mindset with everything going on. If that means you’re taking time to watch TV, work out, play video games with friends or down a gallon of ice cream…do it. If it makes you happy and improves your mood (and is not detrimental to your health), there should be zero hesitation. If you’re not in a good place, that’s ok. Don’t be hard on yourself. Make changes, step away from certain things and surround yourself with people/things that make you happy. Whether we’re in a pandemic or not, happiness needs to be the goal and a major priority in your life. 

    How have you been able to continue to stay productive & find success during the pandemic?

    Truthfully, I’ve found success and stayed productive by following these tips. A lot changed for me when things went into lockdown, so I had to pivot and try a different approach to my brand and business. The first few months were tough and I took some time to reassess my situation. I placed my time, effort and focus into the things I could control and the results have been great. I wanted to come out of this better in certain areas (ones I could control) and I can confidently say I was successful in doing that. I also focused on me; my happiness, well-being and mental health. I put an emphasis on these areas and it really helped keep my spirits up and get me through the challenges and adversity that I personally faced. 

    There will always be things in life that we can’t control, but how we react to those things is 100% on us. Embrace the challenge(s), find the opportunities and make the most of the situation you’ve been given. You’re capable of more than you realize, just give yourself a chance.


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