Best Uses of Lemon OG

    Lemon OG, a hybrid cannabis strain, is known for its medical uses. Also called the Lemon OG Kush or Presidential Kush, Lemon OG has a distinct lemony taste that makes it popular among recreational users. Unlike many lemon strains, this 60/40 Indica strain has less of a diesel or skunk smell.

    The level of THC in Lemon OG ranges from 17% to 26%. It also has a negligible amount of CBD of only 0.13%. It was first created when the OG #18 cut was crossed with the Las Vegas Lemon Skunk. Putting together a Las Vegas Lemon Skunk x Lemon OG with the original Haze 1 creates the Lemon OG Haze.  

    Lemon OG is slightly Indica-dominant. The flowering time ranges between 56 and 63 days, and this 60/40 Indica hybrid comes from Northern California’s Apothecary Genetics. It was first bred by a company named DNA Genetics by crossing Lemon Skunk and OG Kush to create its distinct flavor notes.  

    What are the Uses of Lemon OG

    The uses of Lemon OG are both medicinal and recreational. Take a look. 

    1. Medicinal Uses

    Lemon OG is one of the favorites among cannabis users, and it’s not just because of the remarkable lemony taste. Lemon OG is fairly potent in reducing insomnia and relieving stress. With the THC levels running as high as 26%, Lemon OG has strong sedative qualities and can cause a couch lock.  

    You will feel so relaxed that you will not feel like moving at all. So, it has a highly relaxing effect on your mind and body, which is why it is popular not only for recreational purposes but also as a medicinal supplement. But it is quite strong, and a user should be careful about the amount being used. 

    Lemon OG is a potent cannabis strain. Because of its sedative effects, Lemon OG is used for medicinal purposes. It helps relieve stress and is effective in mental health conditions like Depression, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, and more.  

    Lemon OG is not just appreciated by people who suffer from mental health conditions. Those undergoing chemotherapy have experienced the positive effects of Lemon OG on alleviating nausea and increasing appetite. Appetite loss and vomiting tendencies are common side effects of chemotherapy.

    2. Recreational Uses

    Besides medical users of Lemon OG, there are recreational users, too. This strain is fast in its actions and can have psychoactive effects, resulting in uplifting the mood. It can provide relief from everyday stress and help you relax and sleep better. Some people have also reported an increase in focus and pain relief.  

    Because of the genetics of Lemon OG, it has a distinct citrus taste, which makes it a favorite among cannabis users. Lemon Skunk genes add high levels of limonene. The terpene profile also gets a boost because the taste of kush, diesel, or skunk is much less, unlike other lemon strains. 

    The aroma and taste of Lemon OG are quite strong, with the distinct notes of lemon-dominated notes and perhaps just a slight undertone of kush. It can also have some earthy notes. Its robust lemony sweetness and pine taste can also be complemented by spicy notes, making it special for smokers.  

    Final Words

    The Lemon OG strain can grow well both indoors and outdoors, but it is better to grow it outdoors. This way, it will be able to thrive when the climate is right. Growing it in complex soil of good quality at 70-80 F can boost the lemony aroma. You’ll need to feed the soil to see it flower in 8-9 weeks. 

    Lemon OG is known for its lemony flavor, along with other flavor notes that make it a strong and complex strain with sedative and stress-busting qualities. It is not only popular among recreational users but also medical users. Besides, it is moderately easy to grow and does not demand a lot of feeding.  


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