Best Places To Celebrate Easter in 2017

    Survey of top 100 cities to celebrate Easter

    When you see the chocolate bunnies in the drug store ails as well as the reemergence of marshmallow peeps, you know it’s Easter time,  Aside for Valentine’s Day, Easter brings in billions in dollars spent around the holiday.  It’s estimated that Easter tradition is familiar to the roughly 80 percent of Americans who celebrate the occasion in some way.

    For Christians, however, Easter is less of a commercial event than a holy experience. It not only marks the end of Lent — a 40-day period of fasting, reflection, prayer and repentance followed directly by Easter Sunday — but it also celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ and represents the “new covenant” between God and humanity. In observance of the holiday, many families will gather to attend a “sunrise service”, delight in an Easter feast and continue to share the messages of Christ.

    WalletHub put together an Infopgrahic – we love Infographics here at New Theory – on top 100 cities for which to celebrate Easter:

    Click below to see the cities rank:

    Source: WalletHub

    Results from the survey:

    Here is the list of the top 100 Cities to celebrate Easter in the United States:

    Best Places to Celebrate Easter

    Overall RankCityTotal Score‘Easter Observers’ Rank‘Easter Traditions’ Rank‘Kids’ Easter’ Rank‘Easter Weather’ Rank
    1St. Louis, MO70.1634727
    2Birmingham, AL69.66124491
    3Pittsburgh, PA67.59224598
    4Cincinnati, OH67.3465362
    5Orlando, FL66.41931727
    6Atlanta, GA63.51810145
    7Buffalo, NY59.495126985
    8Honolulu, HI58.015311955
    9Cleveland, OH56.344254485
    10Minneapolis, MN55.8110144781
    11St. Paul, MN53.6912192482
    12Memphis, TN53.40774298
    13Tulsa, OK53.081439339
    14Las Vegas, NV51.796384344
    15Irvine, CA51.215228512
    16Tampa, FL50.9743204227
    17Louisville, KY50.8915432849
    18Denver, CO50.7771153236
    19Baton Rouge, LA50.6221445319
    20Durham, NC50.514437236
    21New Orleans, LA50.3528219236
    22Omaha, NE49.6526303058
    23Oklahoma City, OK49.402273211
    24Albuquerque, NM48.336727413
    25Wichita, KS48.2216567242
    26Scottsdale, AZ48.168591266
    27Washington, DC48.1219229382
    28Dallas, TX47.9732691812
    29Sacramento, CA47.6454238827
    30Charlotte, NC47.6134458019
    31Boise, ID47.5055136099
    32Kansas City, MO47.4618588936
    33San Francisco, CA47.4573118465
    34Madison, WI47.1248177885
    35Plano, TX46.606832719
    36Lexington-Fayette, KY46.5342315562
    37Portland, OR46.427769992
    38Raleigh, NC46.2856359021
    39Lubbock, TX46.2325663849
    40Lincoln, NE45.7350366655
    41Jacksonville, FL45.6337626821
    42Fort Wayne, IN45.4331595459
    43Corpus Christi, TX45.1424863448
    44Bakersfield, CA45.133683596
    45Chicago, IL45.0220488285
    46San Diego, CA44.9675347612
    47Toledo, OH44.6927523482
    48Philadelphia, PA44.6423578778
    49Nashville, TN44.5735637744
    50Anaheim, CA44.5241707521
    51El Paso, TX44.2240812236
    52Austin, TX44.2070473949
    53Newark, NJ44.0511972675
    54Seattle, WA43.9280797100
    55Tucson, AZ43.8361425260
    56Fresno, CA43.823989703
    57Long Beach, CA43.804677917
    58Houston, TX43.7729846449
    59Garland, TX43.676578159
    60Oakland, CA43.5449615654
    61Irving, TX43.4358761327
    62Fort Worth, TX43.3533888521
    63Virginia Beach, VA43.1388185775
    64Jersey City, NJ43.1047514679
    65Baltimore, MD43.0630557985
    66San Antonio, TX43.0438717355
    67Milwaukee, WI42.8517658694
    68Santa Ana, CA42.6959806112
    69Miami, FL42.667838685
    70Norfolk, VA42.6057506568
    71Riverside, CA42.5962793712
    72Fremont, CA42.478660827
    73Colorado Springs, CO42.3787265160
    74Columbus, OH42.0174462775
    75Chesapeake, VA41.5669544066
    76Boston, MA41.4951419592
    77Reno, NV41.1092164794
    78Aurora, CO40.9490402049
    79Arlington, TX40.8972857412
    80New York, NY40.8364499469
    81Stockton, CA40.6266921521
    82Laredo, TX40.384595362
    83Chula Vista, CA40.1283645827
    84Detroit, MI39.9913989685
    85St. Petersburg, FL39.2282728321
    86Los Angeles, CA38.91609110012
    87San Bernardino, CA38.7576941027
    88Chandler, AZ38.5797292569
    89San Jose, CA37.4481829827
    90Anchorage, AK36.9094336794
    91Henderson, NV36.8898536344
    92Greensboro, NC36.5895754936
    93Indianapolis, IN36.3379876269
    94Gilbert, AZ36.2891671069
    95Glendale, AZ36.118996179
    96Mesa, AZ35.3593683669
    97Winston-Salem, NC33.9784993043
    98Phoenix, AZ32.4796902374
    99North Las Vegas, NV29.5699100944
    100Hialeah, FL28.4110093819


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