Best and Worst Cities for Recreation in 2017

    Staying active and being healthy provides a happy life but also helps you save money. Some cities are more conducive to being active and living a healthy lifestyle, while making it a bit more difficult (relative to other cities).

    One factor is te number neighborhood parks as they build community, increase property values and can reduce pollution.
    There is also a direct correlation between overall health and your wallet. “A regular vigorous run can cut medical costs by an average of $250 a year” per person according to The Trust for Public Land. Understanding these benefits over a hundred large U.S. cities invested more than $7 billion in parks and recreation in 2016 alone.

    Check out this interactive chart to see where your city ranks:

    Source: WalletHub

    Best Cities for Recreation

    Overall Rank
    CityTotal Score‘Entertainment & Recreational Facilities’ Rank‘Costs’ Rank‘Quality of Parks’ Rank‘Weather’ Rank
    1Orlando, FL59.103174128
    2San Diego, CA56.682711534
    3Las Vegas, NV55.559313518
    4Tampa, FL52.9717247413
    5Atlanta, GA51.6310622441
    6Cincinnati, OH51.411861958
    7Tucson, AZ49.683196616
    8Denver, CO49.6712361864
    9San Francisco, CA49.461991149
    10Chicago, IL49.12488392
    11Portland, OR49.108612778
    12Seattle, WA49.07683670
    13Boise, ID49.044826226
    14Honolulu, HI48.5911793343
    15Sacramento, CA48.552567319
    16Scottsdale, AZ48.373539673
    17Los Angeles, CA47.961392557
    18New York, NY47.795100155
    19Philadelphia, PA47.7815692552
    20Minneapolis, MN47.782226777
    21St. Louis, MO47.782351294
    22New Orleans, LA47.1120571353
    23Phoenix, AZ46.6643227317
    24St. Petersburg, FL46.3333254440
    25El Paso, TX46.228316525
    26Pittsburgh, PA46.192428984
    27Omaha, NE45.513613575
    28Austin, TX45.0114437681
    29Lincoln, NE44.6845501646
    30Henderson, NV44.667220794
    31Madison, WI44.1727381073
    32Albuquerque, NM43.4358492337
    33Colorado Springs, CO43.3654295242
    34Houston, TX43.3219584586
    35Long Beach, CA43.2047813212
    36Reno, NV43.1346428827
    37Washington, DC43.097961793
    38Chandler, AZ42.8880326414
    39Stockton, CA42.4586633010
    40Columbus, OH42.445735861
    41Bakersfield, CA42.439512932
    42Glendale, AZ42.3962665311
    43Kansas City, MO42.1568195644
    44Oklahoma City, OK42.027988135
    45Buffalo, NY41.96341526100
    46Miami, FL41.7316856168
    47Jacksonville, FL41.7132354867
    48Tulsa, OK41.6963307830
    49Baton Rouge, LA41.6742485054
    50Mesa, AZ41.4371407020
    51Virginia Beach, VA41.4226343890
    52San Antonio, TX41.3928168474
    53Detroit, MI41.317041460
    54Milwaukee, WI40.8440233495
    55Birmingham, AL40.5475119959
    56Laredo, TX40.519947231
    57Dallas, TX40.4430545772
    58St. Paul, MN40.3852452969
    59Norfolk, VA40.2149682262
    60Irvine, CA39.8350904021
    61Cleveland, OH39.7837513983
    62Fort Worth, TX39.2465724632
    63Anaheim, CA39.005586946
    64Nashville, TN38.8629468388
    65Plano, TX38.4766704245
    66Chesapeake, VA38.4490592147
    67North Las Vegas, NV38.379776495
    68Winston-Salem, NC38.2277657139
    69Raleigh, NC38.1641527579
    70Charlotte, NC37.9839379671
    71Fresno, CA37.8994478219
    72Boston, MA37.572198898
    73Lexington-Fayette, KY37.5073148662
    74Louisville, KY37.4253278991
    75San Bernardino, CA37.2410084998
    76Indianapolis, IN37.1851189299
    77Arlington, TX37.1860759136
    78Lubbock, TX37.1581606348
    79Baltimore, MD37.1038821489
    80San Jose, CA37.0559944323
    81Greensboro, NC36.6382553757
    82Memphis, TN36.596779587
    83Wichita, KS36.4188107785
    84Aurora, CO36.3774335465
    85Anchorage, AK36.335691282
    86Corpus Christi, TX36.0569643666
    87Garland, TX35.8885778033
    88Riverside, CA35.887887971
    89Fort Wayne, IN35.8264218796
    90Durham, NC35.4761448579
    91Toledo, OH35.4696535150
    92Fremont, CA35.4493972024
    93Gilbert, AZ35.3191569814
    94Santa Ana, CA34.7376936921
    95Oakland, CA34.6244956051
    96Jersey City, NJ34.2087735955
    97Chula Vista, CA33.2198789029
    98Hialeah, FL32.9692896838
    99Newark, NJ32.3384742897
    100Irving, TX31.6989804776



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