Becoming AWS Certified, Prepare for your AWS Certification Exam 2021

    In the current technological landscape where most of the organizations across the globe are using cloud storage to enhance their services and user experience, Amazon web Services (AWS) is counted among the premium cloud computing platforms which hold the largest share of the public cloud market. Hence, specializing in AWS certification indicates your intricate knowledge about their tools and applications along with demonstrating your proficiency in expanding the business. 

    AWS certification and training advance your skillset to navigate enterprise requirements as well as help them grow at an exponential rate in terms of security, networking, and other business-related domains. Along with highlighting your dedication and competence, AWS certification also boosts your career trajectory and transforms you into a valuable asset of the organization with sufficient growth opportunities, better paychecks, and plenty of additional benefits. 

    While becoming a subject matter expert of cloud computing through AWS certification training is a matter of great pride and celebration, achieving success requires much hard work, patience, and perseverance along with a clear roadmap for obtaining different types of AWS certifications. At present, AWS offers 12 types of certifications under the foundational, professional, and specialty learning paths designed to prepare you for specific organizational roles.

    AWS Certifications offered

    Required by an IT professional to help the businesses grow and attain paramount success, Amazon web services currently offer cloud computing expertise in the following domains: 

    • AWS Foundational Certifications – Cloud Practitioner
    • AWS Architect Certifications

    AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate

    AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional

    • AWS Developer Certifications

    AWS Certified Developer – Associate

    AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional

    • AWS Operations Certifications

    AWS Certified SysOps Administrator –Associate

    • AWS Specialty Certifications

    AWS Certified Advanced Networking -Specialty

    AWS Certified Security -Specialty

    AWS Certified Machine Learning – Specialty

    AWS Certified Database -Specialty

    AWS Certified Alexa Skill Builder – Specialty

    AWS Certified Data Analytics Specialty

    Tips to become an AWS certified professional

    While there are various ways to study for the exams and obtain AWS certification, one can improve their chances by following the below-mentioned tips:

    • Read about AWS learning paths

    The first and foremost thing to concentrate upon while aiming for AWS certification is to read about different learning paths along with their corresponding cloud computing roles offered to the students. Along with it, the aspirants also need to understand the different levels and the role-based or specialty scope of the exam. Subsequently, one can follow the suggested steps to understand key concepts and acquire a particular certification with ease. While each step is unique according to the complexity level, in some cases the candidates also require the recommended previous certification to successfully crack the next certification. 

    • Practice with exam guide and sample papers

    While gathering sufficient information regarding different learning paths, you will come across multiple free training programs, introductory courses, sample papers, mock tests, and exam guides associated with that specific certification. You must take them into account while preparing for your AWS certification exam along with the study material provided to you. Additionally, the candidate should possess the practical experience of all the knowledge about AWS tools and applications related to cloud computing to clear the exam. While studying with notes and watching tutorial videos are great resources, hands-on experience is the best way to understand for a lifetime.

    • Explore AWS whitepapers and FAQs

    AWS provides a lot of study-related material on its website including whitepapers and FAQs for the candidates to clear certain doubts for every cloud service they provide. FAQs are a great way to prepare for the certification and could lay the foundation of knowledge whether you are appearing to be a Solutions Architect Associate or aiming for the Developer or SysOps exam. In addition to it, white papers are also valuable resource material that could help you in understanding the core concepts about the services offered by your AWS certification.

    • Time-management and Exam preparedness 

    Last but not the least, do make sure to pace yourself smartly to not get consumed by any question in the final exam. Focus upon practicing on your sample question papers to learn the fine art of interpreting exam questions correctly and assigning the necessary time frame to each block within the exam. While everybody approaches exams differently, one must prepare comprehensively to be certain that no question is left answered in the final AWS certification exam due to a shortage of time.

    Final words

    While the sheer volume of information to read and absorb might seem like a daunting task at first, clearing the AWS certification is quite achievable once you dive into the study material and start using your knowledge to earn practical experience. As much as it is about gaining theoretical and practical knowledge about cloud services, getting AWS certified validates your technical skills and expertise in specific web technology to get ahead of the curve. AWS certification and training programs are a guarantee for esteemed jobs which pave the way for a brighter future by building industry-recognized credibility in the market for the long run.


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