Beating the Bottle: 5 Ways to Help You Stop Drinking Alcohol

    Drinking alcohol can be a lot of fun. Sometimes too much fun. It’s easy to tell yourself that you’re not going to drink, but the act of quitting itself can be a lot more difficult. 

    Luckily, we’re here to help you stop drinking alcohol. Whether you’re doing it for health reasons, for legal reasons, or just because you don’t feel like it anymore, there are plenty of methods to get you off the bottle.

    Admit That Drinking is a Problem

    If you’ve clicked this article, chances are you’re already debating if your drinking is a problem. If you’re wondering whether it is or not, it probably is.

    You don’t have to be a full-blown alcoholic for drinking to be a problem. Maybe you’re just feeling a little more sleepy than usual, or you’ve been feeling less healthy and don’t know why.

    No matter how minor the problem, identifying that drinking is a problem is the first key to actually quitting. 

    Make a List of Reasons to Stop Drinking Alcohol

    There are a lot of beneficial reasons to stop drinking that go far behind the stereotypical drinking problem. Making a physical list of how quitting alcohol will benefit you can make it much easier to quit.

    One of the biggest benefits that often goes overlooked is the money you’ll save. Especially in places like America and Europe, drinking can be extremely expensive. Even if you only average one drink every day, that easily adds up to $150-$200 every month. 

    Quitting drinking has numerous health benefits. This includes weight loss, better sleep, a stronger immune system, a clearer mind, and improved liver function. Even if you’re not doing it for your mental health or your wallet, just do it for your body!

    If you’re wondering how to stop drinking alcohol, start by looking at why to stop drinking alcohol.

    Make Your Intentions Public

    Having a good support system is one of the best ways to quit anything, whether it’s smoking, drinking, or a toxic relationship.

    A lot of people are hesitant to publicly announce that they’re quitting the booze because they don’t want people to think they have a problem. Newsflash, you’re not the only person in your friend group that struggles with this.

    If nobody knows you’re quitting, it makes it a lot more difficult. People will continue to order a round of drinks at dinner, or bring a bottle of wine over to your house.

    Nobody is going to judge you for quitting, and most people will applaud and support you. You might even inspire one of your friends to quit as well, and then you’ll have someone to share the journey with!

    After Quitting: Maximizing Life After Alcohol

    Hopefully, this helps you with your journey to stop drinking alcohol. 

    If you’re looking for ways to maximize that extra time, money, and health that comes with an alcohol-free life, we’ve got plenty of other articles for you!

    Whether you’re looking for health advice, tips for your home, or using all that extra money to travel abroad we’ve got you covered. Read on, and enjoy sobriety!


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