Awesome Marketing Tips From Apple

    Building a globally-loved brand without engaging in price wars against competitors is no easy task. Having said that, one brand that has achieved this seemingly impossible feat is Apple.

    Behind Apple’s notable success lies its immortal product portfolio and design standards. The company’s unparalleled marketing strategy, however, has also played a vital role in ensuring it stays on top of its game.

    According to Global Resources LLC, Apple’s winning marketing strategy provides a myriad of lessons for small businesses. The company recommends adhering to the following 10 critical marketing lessons that can take your company to the next level.

    Use Product Placement

    Apple has a focused approach to promoting and marketing its products. The concept is to leverage an influencer to spread the word and obtain more followers.

    Leverage Reviews

    Reviews are a powerful tool to garner the confidence of new users. Think about sending a free trial or sample in exchange for a testimonial or a review to grab attention.

    Focus on Unique Value Proposition Rather Than Price

    Over the years, Apple has won the battle of avoiding price wars by focusing on creating a unique value proposition. The company also provides cool features and applications to elevate user experience.

    Keep it Simple

    Apple likes to keep things simple, which works really well for consumers who are inundated with information.

    Stand for Something

    Customers yearn to know what your brand represents and the core values that drive your business. Consistency is important and your messaging should reinforce your beliefs.

    Create Experiences, Not Just Products

    Offering customers unique experiences is a key element of Apple’s marketing strategy. And it has worked because unlike products, it’s not easy to imitate customer experiences. Ultimately, people remember experiences rather than things. This is important to keep in mind.

    Speak to the Audience Using Their Language

    In maintaining Apple’s approach towards simplicity, the company uses language that consumers can understand easily.

    Develop an Aura and Mystery Around What You’re Doing

    The buzz, hype, and energy around soon-to-be-launched products helps Apple generate interest among customers.

    Appeal to Emotions

    By striking an emotional chord with customers, Apple has created a positive brand image that resonates. If you can positively tap into someone’s emotions, you have likely won them over.

    Use Visuals

    Visuals are a more powerful medium than words to communicate today. That’s why Apple uses a more visual approach for its marketing campaigns. Take time to create some awesome visuals for your brand.


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