Are there any issues that can be caused when smoking marijuana while sick?

    Lots of people smoke weed regularly and enjoy the benefits it brings, and being ill doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t fancy a joint, but is it a bad idea to light up when you are not well? The short answer is – sometimes, but it really depends on the situation. In some cases smoking weed while sick can have an unpleasant or negative effect, in others it may not, or it could even help you get through it. Many people ask what happens when you smoke weed while sick – there are some helpful tips and advice through How to Stop Smoking Pot by Kevin Bryce.

    How can smoking marijuana help when you are sick?

    If your illness is making it hard to rest, relax or sleep then a joint can get you through that, and perhaps even help you recover faster than you would if struggling by being tired all the time. This, along with pain relief, is of course a major reason for people with certain chronic illnesses to choose to use marijuana for medical reasons.

    When is smoking weed while sick a bad idea?

    It makes no sense to light up when you are ill with a cold, the flu, a sore throat, or any kind of bronchial/chest problem as the hot smoke will make it worse. It triggers additional mucus production which makes it harder to breathe, and puts you at serious risk of developing pneumonia.

    Dental surgery is another time to stay away from smoking (of any kind). That means no marijuana for a week or so after having a tooth pulled or a dental implant fitted.

    It’s pretty well known amongst the weed smoking community that marijuana helps beat nausea, but while a joint may help you recover faster from a major hangover it isn’t a great solution for everyone. In the last year or so much more attention has been given to pregnant women smoking weed to help them deal with morning sickness. The evidence of potential damage to the unborn child is disputed right now, but it seems likely that exposing the baby to marijuana pre-birth seriously increases the chance they will be born too small or too early, and have neurological damage of some kind which is likely to affect their behavior.

    Alternative ways to enjoy cannabis

    Is smoking a joint is difficult due to chest or throat problems then using a vapouriser may be a decent solution. The vapour is definitely cooler and kinder to your system than the hot smoke of marijuana. Unless keeping food down is the main problem you may prefer to try cannabis edibles, such as the infamous ‘brownie’.  Overall though the most sick-friendly method of enjoying cannabis has got to be via a prepared tincture. A word of warning though – if you don’t have experience of making or using a weed tincture do not try it for the first time while ill. The risk of getting the dose wrong while befuddled could be extremely serious.

    Verdict: the common sense rule about smoking weed while sick is simply to avoid it if it makes you feel worse.


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