Apple Streaming Services: The Tech Giant is Ready to Beat Netflix

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    It seems like Apple is ready to beat Netflix with its streaming services. It will be interesting to see if Apple can become a real rival for popular streaming platforms. After a long wait, Apple is ready to launch its streaming services in March. It is the biggest news from Apple for its rivals, such as Disney, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Netflix. The tech giant sends invitations for 25 March with a title “it is show time.”

    Currently, complete details about streaming services of Apple are not available. Netflix will not be a part of this service. Apple is planning to share original content through its streaming services. In the world of content creation, Apple seems ambitious. Along with unique content, the streaming services offer different channels. These channels may include various options to access different subscriptions. HBO may not be a part of the streaming service of Apple.   

    Price of Apple Streaming Services

    It will be interesting to see the performance and quality of Apple Streaming TV without HBO and Netflix. Streaming price of this new service is the primary mystery. Apple could get an edge by creating a broader offering. Cheapest subscription of Netflix costs $9 per month, so Apple could charge less than this amount.  

    Expectations with Apple Streaming Services

    Details of streaming services of Apple are missing; therefore, customers have some expectations with these services:

    • Customers need 4K playback support for streaming services of Apple, in line with Amazon Prime Video and Netflix.
    • After the arrival of 4K-enabled TV of Apple, it will be a surprise if the streaming services of Apple didn’t boast higher resolution playback.

    Tiered Subscription

    A tiered model of subscription and 4K streaming goes parallel. Without a 4K TV, it is not suitable to make payment for 4K content. For Apple, you can envisage the streaming services with multiple plans similar to Netflix. Apple must offer standard plans to premium subscriptions.

    Perks for TV Owners

    Apple has an advantage of an ecosystem, so customer expects special benefits, such as free streaming for iOS users. Apple can include streaming services in the Apple TV app. Customers will be happy with the additional services or features with app installation.

    Bundles of Multimedia Content

    With the acquisition of texture, it can be expected to hear Apple news. Similar to Netflix’s magazine, the news magazine of Apple could be a great addition. Apple can consider magazines and newspapers along with its streaming services. People will really like these perks with a monthly subscription. Apple can impress its users by offering all in one service at $20. This exclusive package may include magazines, newspapers and Apple Music.

    Apple streaming TV allows you to watch TV shows, documentaries, and movies. With this service, you can watch your favorite movies without annoying commercials. Just like other famous streaming services, Apple will be commercial free. You can view original movies and TV shows. However, Apple is launching its streaming services in the presence of its biggest competitors. The tech giant can evaluate the weaknesses of other services to increase its revenue.

    The main competitor of Apple streaming TV services is Netflix. Right away, Netflix lacks new content. Apple can offer an updated media library with new and original content against an old library of Netflix. As compared to Netflix, Amazon Prime updates are library frequently.

    Expected Summary of Launch Event

    • Apple will confirm its plans to finance and produce its content to distribute via its streaming services.
    • Tech giant might share the good news of something free. It could be an iCloud or Apple Music subscription.
    • Along with it shows, Apple will offer easy methods to subscribe to the content of other companies via Apple’s app.
    • Apple can announce free bundles to subscribe to content from different suppliers and save money on overall pricing.

    Apple is ready to spend billions to make its TV shows to distribute through iPad, iPhone, and Apple TV. Shows will be available on 3rd party TV sets and offer support of AirPlay. Apple got patents in February of this year. Shows of Apple will be available for different devices not only for the devices of Apple. With this service, Apple will get new investors to create original content.


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