A Simple Guide on How to Download Twitch Clips

    Twitch is one of the most important streaming services that unites all the gamers in the world. The service was initially designed for game streams, but today you can find and enjoy radio shows, podcasts, music streams, and streams in the art niche (the process of a particular work creation).

    With its abundance of content for different tastes, it’s impossible to download clips and videos from the platform at least, the platform itself doesn’t provide that option. But what if you don’t have time to watch your favorite streamer’s video and want to download a clip to watch it later? There are several ways to convert Twitch clips to mp4 and save them in a safe place: using an online Twitch clip downloader or via a browser. But before that, here is a short guide about the way of clip creation on the service.

    How to create Twitch clips

    Clipping is a great way to save your favorite part of a stream to enjoy and rewatch it later or share on social networks with your followers and friends.

    Clipping on PC:

    • pick out a video and press the “Clip” icon on the bottom right corner;
    • choose an episode you desire to save (up to 1 min) using a slider;
    • name the clip and publish it.

    Clipping on iPhone:

    • play a stream and tap the screen to call up the options;
    • pick out the “Share” icon > “Create clip”;
    • choose a clip duration and title it;
    • hit the “Publish” button.

    Clipping on Android:

    • again play a video and tap the screen to get the options;
    • pick out “Create clip”;
    • choose a clip duration, title it, and then publish.

    NB: to find the created clip, press a profile icon > “Creator dashboard” > “Content” on the left > “Clips”.

    How to save Twitch clips to mp4 (created by you)

    It’s pretty straightforward to download clips you’ve created on your channel or others.

    • pick out “Creator Dashboard” > “Content” > “Clips”;
    • choose the clip you wish to get and hit an “arrow” (Share) button > “Download”.

    To save a video from another channel or a clip that the other user has created, you may try to use the ways described below.

    How to save any Twitch clips to mp4

    Via Google Chrome/Firefox browser

    It is one of the alternatives to upload clips without using any third-party tools but only the necessary browser.

    How to do it:

    • pick out a necessary video and its quality in which you wish to save (play the video to ensure you’ve chosen the desired quality);
    • right-click on the clip and pick out “Inspect” at the end of the opened menu;
    • scroll down to find the line “https://clips-media-assets2…mp4” and copy it;
    • load another window in a browser and insert the copied address (remove unnecessary letters of the address if necessary);
    • the uploading starts automatically.
    • to find the video, go to a pc “Downloads” folder.

    Via web-based savers

    If you prefer to try an external tool to upload Twitch media content, you can use such tools as Clipr.xyz, Locoloader, Fetchfile, unTwitch, Keepvid, Loader.to, Gabed, etc. They operate via an internet connection only, and thus there is no need to install them. Such web-based savers save videos in the same algorithm: copying and pasting.

    How to save:

    • copy a video link on Twitch and insert it into a saver’s input line;
    • press a download or save button depending on a saver you’ve chosen and pick out the quality (in some services, you need to select the quality first and then press a download button).
    • find the uploaded clip on a device “Downloads” folder.


    If you save Twitch clips to mp4, remember that using them for marketing purposes or passing them off as your own is a violation of copyright law. If you upload a saved video to other networks, respect the author and tag/mention them before publishing the media content.


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