A New 2022 UK Survey Reveals Almost One-third of Employees Lie on Their CV

    Getting a job in today’s market and economy can be extremely tough and competitive, so is it perhaps one of the reasons why it is leading people to go to great lengths to lie throughout the recruitment process?

    Companies are always searching for fresh talent to add to their ranks as they attempt to grow and improve. So it can be devastating for a firm to unintentionally hire someone who is not who they say they are on their cv.

    A 2022 StaffCircle survey revealed that a lot of individuals do that. Nearly one-third of those 1,500 respondents surveyed declared that they lied on their CVs as part of the recruitment process.

    The Survey Results

    Additionally, it was discovered that up to 93% of those who lied had gotten away with it. As a result, 63% of those who admitted to lying claimed they would be inclined to repeat it in the future.

    The survey found that those between the ages of 25-34 are the most likely to fabricate information on their cv. This was followed by 35-44-year-olds and the 18 to 24-year-olds demographic. There were a variety of reasons people felt compelled to lie during the recruitment process.

    According to 18% of the respondents, they lied to make a career change. This could be because of personal circumstances such as wanting to maintain a better work-life balance or have better job flexibility.

    Over 50% admitted to lying to conceal their lack of experience. People might feel it is necessary to fabricate the truth about their previous job experience to maintain a competitive advantage over the other applicants that would apply for the same job they are applying for.

    Likewise, 38% of survey respondents stated they lied about their skills and this could be because they might have wanted to do so to progress in their career and get promoted to a senior position.

    Additionally, 26% of those surveyed confessed to lying about their prior earnings to appear to be earning more in their previous position to receive a larger compensation in their new one. And lastly, more than 62% of those who admitted to having lied on a prior CV stated they were more likely to do so for remote work.

    Improving the Recruitment Process

    This survey highlights the distinct problems that employers encounter with struggling to determine who the sincere candidates are between the ones who have blatantly lied throughout the entire recruitment process.

    Many companies still struggle to spot lies. The hiring process is not always flawless, and choosing a candidate who lied on their CV could lead to the wrong individual being given the job. But because of today’s technology, businesses have a variety of instruments at their disposal to prevent this.

    For instance, a strong performance management system can properly screen new hires and existing employees. In addition, it can identify gaps in knowledge and expertise and place the right individuals in the right jobs within a company.

    Companies must conduct extensive background checks on potential employees during the recruitment process. To choose the best candidate for the job, the HR department may employ a variety of vetting procedures at each stage of the recruitment process. Reference checks also guarantee that applicants are not making up information regarding their former job and income.

    Final Thoughts

    Employees must continuously develop their talents, carefully assess the career they want, and avoid lying on their CVs, as it is harmful over time. While people might not always get caught out of lying, it is still dangerous to do so, as it can have some serious repercussions later on.

    14 people from StaffCircle’s survey faced legal action because of their actions of lying. Also, an article from the Metro has revealed that a pilot was jailed after he was caught lying, as he was trying to get a job with British Airways. The pilot falsely claimed that he had flown 1,610 hours as a captain and was sentenced to 12 months in prison.

    Furthermore, businesses should invest in improving their recruitment process planning, structure, and procedures. This should include using technology tools such as a performance management system, as well as frequently conducting extensive background checks on all prospective employees that companies plan to hire.


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