A Look Into The Development In The Training Trends And How To Deal With Them

    Learning has undergone a 180-degree turn. As a result, development can be seen in the training landscape. 

    While it is a human tendency to resist any change, these changes in the learning and training trends are taken quite positively by the workforce in the corporate world. This transformation, in fact, is perceived as fascinating. 

    One such shift is towards informal learning. Unlike the traditional, rigid learning locale or structure, informal learning is often consumed as and when the need arises. Many are under an impression that this is an expensive and difficult trend to adopt. 

    Thanks to a learning management system, initiating informal training for your workforce is now a walk in the park. 

    In this article, you can read about the changing learning trends and how to deal with them. 

    1. Informal learning is now the way to go 

    Gone are the days when face-to-face or virtual training with proper goals and objectives in place was the kind of training that the workforce wanted.

    Today, in the world of informal learning, training is not required to be structured or organized from top to bottom. Employees prefer those training that they can access when they want or need, irrespective of the location or time. Learning is now perceived as the key to performing better and not a transfer of knowledge. 

    A learning management system, such as 360Learning, can make it easier for L&D professionals to initiate informal learning. It is a cloud-based platform that allows you to create and deploy a course for your employees to access from wherever and whenever. With mobile learning support as one of the 360Learning features, users can access the material even while they are commuting. 

    2. Skills are given more importance 

    Learning and just knowing about the stuff is not enough any longer. Knowledge is considered useful only if an individual is able to apply it and tackle the challenges that are being thrown at them. 

    The difference between having the knowledge to do something and having the skill to perform it is always evident. Today, learning is perceived as not something that you have an idea about but what you are actually able to do. 

    When the workforce asks for training and development, they are seeking more than knowledge. They are seeking actionable skills. It is this training of their skills that keep them engaged. 

    Hence, it is important for L&D professionals to ensure that their training is now offering material that prepares employees to tackle every situation they are in in the real world. It builds their confidence and helps them perform better at the job. 

    3. Adopting employee-generated learning 

    It is not only informal learning that has seen a rise in the corporate landscape. It is also the employee-generated resources for themselves, by themselves. 

    Traditionally, all the formal training material was designed and constructed specifically by industrial designers in collaboration with the company’s subject matter experts. This content creation not only got outdated pretty quickly but also costed a fortune for the companies in terms of both time and money. 

    On the other hand, employee-generated learning is a great way for the workforce to create their own content. This content would be of great value to them. Thanks to plenty of authoring tools, creating and accessing this material is extremely convenient for employees today.

    Employee-generated learning, on the other hand, allows workers to come up with their own content. Authoring tools provide user-friendly toolkits that make it easy for employees to create, update, and access their own training and other resources.


    While the transition from traditional to modern learning and training trends was a little difficult to adjust to, the changes are certainly working for both employees and L&D professionals. Moreover, thanks to the advancement in technology, this transition has been smooth and easier for both parties.


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