A Hidden TV Lift: There Only When You Want It to Be

    Have you come across a perfect TV set but you haven’t planned such an installation? It happens that initially, you have counted on a smaller Tv set or you haven’t planned it at all. It can be that the new device doesn’t fit in the environment that you have designed with the utmost care.

    What can you do in such cases? One option is not to buy a TV set.  Another option is to get a hidden TV lift and install your TV set behind a piece of furniture or on the ceiling. You will have the item you want and add more charm to your accommodation.

    You can use a special motorized TV lift mechanism to hide your new purchase. The location can be any. 

    Ideas Where to Install Your New TV Lift

    Have a look at the room where your new TV set shall be installed. Everything is perfectly designed there, and you want to keep it like this. You want to add a new TV set, too. 

    • Check whether you have a cabinet there. If it is available, you can hide your TV either behind the cabinet or even directly in it. if you prefer keeping the device inside the cabinet, you need to make a slot in the cabinet top. Inside of the cabinet, install the TV lift mechanism. Mount your TV on the mechanism support, arrange the cables. Now, you can lift your TV when you want to watch something, and make it disappear in the cabinet slot when it is not needed.
    • If you decide to hide your TV behind the cabinet, install the TV lift on the back wall of the furniture piece. Though compared to the first option, such installation type has a significant drawback: your device is not protected from dust and other negative factors like if it is installed in the cabinet.
    • What about a fireplace? Do you have one? If it is one of the most advanced versions, there shall be a special space for a TV. Modern models come even with a special plug outlet to connect a new device effortlessly. Though if your fireplace doesn’t have all the prerequisites for the TV installation, we don’t recommend such a place for your TV. Temperature changes are too high there, and most likely, your device will get damaged soon.
    • One of the most demanding but no doubt most beautiful and impressive installations is on the ceiling. Here, we recommend hiring a specialist if you have even the slightest doubt. The price of such a mechanism might be higher than the costs of those that can be mounted in furniture. However, if your interior is so sleek that you cannot afford to disrupt it, a ceiling installation is the only option. But just imagine all the maze of your friends when they see a modern TV set lower and then, disappear just with a push of a button. 

    Choose the TV Lift Mechanism Carefully

    It would be a pity if your TV set falls down during the first attempt to use it or if the TV lift isn’t able to move the device. Thus, it is crucial to choose a mechanism compliant with the requirements of your specific installation. 

    • Consider that the mechanism shall be able to lift the weight of the device. The device isn’t static, it will be moving. There is a special formula to calculate what weight capacity the TV lift shall have. If you doubt, ask a representative of the TV lift manufacturer to help you.
    • The stroke length is one more important feature to consider. If the TV lift has a longer stroke than needed, it might not look nice. But if the stroke length is shorter than needed, the installation will be useless. Your TV will not be lifted to the needed level, and thus, watching it comfortably will be impossible.
    • Does the mechanism have to function silently or some noise is accepted? Depending on it, choose the mechanism with the needed noise level. If it is an installation for a living room, some noise might be accepted. If you are going to use it in a sleeping room, you might want the most silent option. 

    A TV Lift Makes the Difference

    When you install your new TV lift with a new TV set, you will see the difference immediately. You will get the device you want without making the space cluttered. A new TV lift will make the environment advanced and classy. The comfort level will boost. The installation of your TV in a piece of furniture will also serve for the protection of your new device from dust, animals, if any I the house, and will increase its service life. 


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