9 Ways You Can Maximize Your Potential In 2020

    If you’ve ever found yourself sitting at your desk and staring wistfully out of the window, wondering how you could achieve more and be better, then this article is for you. Many of us simply don’t realise how much better we could be if we simply applied ourselves to whatever discipline in which we wish to improve. That’s understandable; the pressures of modern life are significant, so we’re more likely to spend time trying to cope than to actively improve ourselves. Here are 9 ways that you can maximise your potential in 2020.

    1. Think big

    Rather than sweating the small stuff – although doing this is also important – try to keep your thoughts as big as possible. Don’t focus on smaller things that are getting you down. Instead, think about how what you’re doing right now will impact things later on down the line. What is the end goal? How is what you’re doing right now going to help you achieve that end goal? Thinking big can help you to keep a constant sense of perspective. Small setbacks turn into minor inconveniences instead of huge problems that you need to overcome.

    1. Don’t forget to rest

    We all need regular rest, and that doesn’t just mean sleep. A simple rest could be just as good for you as sleeping. If you’re leading a hectic lifestyle, then the importance of simply sitting down and taking stock of what’s happening to you can be invaluable. Even if you’ve got a more sedentary or slow-paced job, you still need to give yourself a break from time to time, if only to make sure your mental health is sound. Resting means you’ll recharge yourself and be ready for whatever new challenges life throws your way once you’re back up and running.

    1. Look to unconventional sources for inspiration

    You won’t ever be able to maximize your potential if you allow yourself to remain stuck in a rut. Think about things you’ve never considered before and allow them to enter into your worldview. If you’ve never been a spiritual person, for example, why not go check out a blog and have numerology explained to you? Who knows – you might learn something entirely new that completely changes how you view the world, and if not, you’ll definitely gain new insight into how others think. Sources you’ve never considered for inspiration can have a massive knock-on effect.

    1. Simplify where possible

    It’s definitely a good idea to simplify your life wherever you can. Sometimes, it can feel like everything in the world is massively complicated, especially during times of stress or strife when everything gets on top of you. In these cases, it pays to focus on what you can personally change or instigate. Don’t allow big problems to swirl around your mind and don’t make things more complex than they need to be. By simplifying your problems, you’ll change your approach to life and maximise your potential by changing more things than you’re changing right now.

    1. Think positive

    It might sound like a cliche to you, but it’s very important to think positive thoughts if you want to maximize your potential. After all, no negative cynic ever changed the world simply by identifying what needs to be changed and criticizing it. Instead, you should try to take steps to actively solve problems and always keep a positive mindset while you’re doing so. Rather than thinking “how will this affect me?”, try considering problems from another angle like “how can I make sure this has a good impact?”. You’d be amazed how quickly your thought processes can change.

    1. Learn good time management

    In many ways, this is the most important thing you can do if you’re looking to maximize your potential. Every second you’re not doing something to further yourself is a wasted second. Now, don’t get us wrong – that doesn’t mean you have to be constantly active and tiring yourself out. Resting, relaxing, and improving your skills with hobbies can all be self-furthering activities. Still, if you’re simply re-watching the same show on Netflix and it’s not in aid of boosting your mental health, you might want to consider reallocating that time for something useful.

    1. Plan ahead for every day

    Creating a detailed plan for each day is a great way to maximize potential. If you know what you’re going to be doing every day, then you can allocate time slots efficiently and make sure you’re not wasting time. Of course, the plan is going to look different for every person, and you should ensure that you have some time free just in case something changes. Having a plan gives you some structure, too, which is great if you’re struggling with mental health issues. There’s really no downside to planning your day ahead of time.

    1. Be present

    You might have seen criticism of people at concerts who don’t actually watch the performance and take photos on their phone instead. While such criticism may be unwarranted, there is certainly something to be said for being in the moment when it comes to maximizing your potential. Practicing mindfulness can be advantageous not only for being the best you can be, but also for your mental health. Ask yourself why you’re feeling a certain way when you feel an emotion come on. Try to take every situation as it comes while also planning for the future. It’s tough, but you’ll learn with time!

    1. Don’t take life – or yourself – too seriously

    Sometimes, despite our best-laid plans, life has a way of showing us that it can be cruel and random. The best way you can deal with that is to understand it and take it on board. Don’t take life too seriously, and certainly don’t take yourself too seriously. There is, of course, a difference between workplace fun and genuine bullying, and it’s very important to keep that difference mind during your interactions with coworkers and managers. Still, if you find yourself at the centre of a good-natured joke, try to run with it. You’ll make more friends and move more quickly in the long run.                


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