8 Hottest Careers in 2022 Worth Getting a Degree For

    It is essential to stay up-to-date and keep up with the technological advancements to survive today’s fast-paced world without facing any problems. Every year proves to be more challenging than the previous one. We need experts to deal with problems by making promising advancements in education to produce such graduates who will help improve our lives one way or another. Everyone wants to get hired and earn the maximum without dealing with the worries of unemployment. It is also true that not all degrees are worth the time and money anymore. Considering this reality, many people are concerned about picking the right career choice at the right time.

    If you are skeptical about choosing the right career in these trying times, this blog is your safe space. We have got your back! Here’s a list of the hottest and most credible careers of 2022 that would ensure both stability and reliance in your life. Read till the end; you don’t want to miss this information.  

    • Education 

    Education has emerged as a leading career over the last few years. A degree in education is not only restricted to teaching but also paves the path for education administration, student counseling, social work, and the likes. It is also a rewarding career in terms of salary and opportunities that contributes to meaningful learning. You could always search for relevant information regarding education degrees. For example, a simple search for ‘doctorate in education salary’ on Google will help you find rewarding opportunities that promise career stability. A doctorate in education brings forth multiple avenues and has competent salaries with a median of $64,780. You could always opt for academic administration roles or a position in the corporate sector.

    • Nurse Practitioner  

    We have seen the importance of nursing, particularly in the last two years since the COVID-19 outbreak. They are the real heroes who save lives and take care of patients with sheer dedication. Nurse practitioners earn almost $111 680 per annum. Their roles have expanded over the years, and a higher degree in nursing means being a practical part of the healthcare system.

    • Software Developer  

    It is among the fastest-growing careers in the market right now. Being a software specialist comes with its perks, like working from home at a reasonable salary of $110 000 per year. Leading firms look for developers who fix bugs, manage the design, and run software tests to make their applications more effective. They are also needed for coding and security requirements. It is one of the most in-demand careers in today’s digital world.

    • Financial Technology  

    Fintech majors are gradually gaining immense popularity worldwide. Their expertise is much needed in the finance sector today. Graduates are expected to apply for jobs focusing on financial analysis, app development, quantitative analysis, and blockchain development. They have an average salary of $80,000, increments depending on the type of career. There is one thing for sure; Fintech graduates are becoming the need of the hour. Banks, governments, and companies worldwide need them to keep their systems up to date and help them capitalize on financial technology.

    • Aerospace Engineering  

    The sky is not the limit anymore. Scientists and researchers have been exploring space and galaxies for years. Aerospace engineering is a domain that is being explored more today. Graduates have a higher chance of employment. Mathematics and science lovers would surely love to explore flights and space travel basics. Their knowledge is precious to give future generations safe and secure spacecraft, missiles, and aircraft. They tend to have a median salary of $118,610 with vast job opportunities.

    • Cybersecurity  

    Today is the era of digital technology. Humans have made it such a significant part of life that, at this point, it seems that we cannot survive without it. Reliance on technology is a good thing, but it isn’t foolproof, considering cyber-attacks that lead to the stealing of data. Companies need more cybersecurity majors to safeguard computer systems, data, and networks to keep the information safe. Their expertise in cloud security, digital forensics, and risk management helps deal with cybersecurity challenges. There are many promising careers, such as a security engineer and IT security manager in this field with a good salary of around $116,000.

    • Social Work 

    A lot of people prefer science and computer for a promising career. But they forget that we won’t survive in this world without humanity. Social workers are the epitome of humanity. They channel much-needed hope and kindness. The best thing about this career is that social workers are always in demand. Secondly, it is the most fulfilling job that would satisfy your conscience at the end of the day. Social workers are our unsung heroes, providing help to refugees, children, homeless and unemployed people in society.

    • Teaching 

    The world will always need great teachers. They are the building blocks of life, as we cannot build a society without their guidance. You could always opt for a career in teaching if you are a creative and patient individual. Everything about this profession is fulfilling, from being a professor at a university or teaching toddlers at the primary level. The earnings for this career vary according to regions of the world. Money is not all you earn with this career; you earn respect and honor too. Don’t hesitate to go for this career if you wish to make a change in this society.


    There are many things to consider before choosing a career. You can’t go for an option without considering its worth. Similarly, a promising career won’t bear any fruit until you are willing to get involved in it with honesty and dedication. Your salary is not entirely dependent on a career. If you are not putting in your best or lack the necessary skills, there is a high chance that things won’t go in your favor. Try to work on your adding beneficial skills to your personality. This way, not only will you have a better chance of excelling in a certain career, but you will also have a groomed personality.

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