7 Ways Your Retail Store Can Thrive In the Digital Age

    In today’s internet-driven world, businesses need to step up their game to stand a chance in the market. The older ways of running brick and mortar businesses are not entirely relevant anymore, as people are using the internet for everything, and they want others to adopt it as well. 

    Like many other retail stores, you might be slowly going out of business because your consumers are shopping online. But that is not true at all. Many retail stores are thriving because they embraced technology and advanced their businesses. 

    Your retail store can not only thrive in your area, but you can also expand your reach to the entire country by simply entering the digital age. 

    In this article, you can find out seven brilliant ways to thrive in the digital age.

    Introduce Technology in Your Store

    To enter the digital world correctly, you first need to have the right technology in your store. The most vital device you will need is a point of purchase display. It is crucial because it makes the entire cash counter area look much more appealing to your customers, and your cashier will be much more efficient. 

    You can look into the best POP displays, preferably a company that offers personalized solutions. Other than that, you need to get software to handle different operations more efficiently, such as order fulfillment and inventory.

    Host Promotional Events in Your Store

    Among the best way to attract people to your store is by hosting promotional events. It can get you a lot of customers to keep your business running well. However, you need to offer exclusive promotions that your consumer base can’t find online. 

    You can be as creative as possible while hosting the promotional event. But you need to keep your average customer’s profile in mind. You can only do well if you find a way to catch the attention of your average shopper. 

    You can also give out free products when a customer purchases a certain amount of goods, or offer refreshments. Anything that will get more people to come. 

    Provide the Gift of Free Wi-Fi

    Consumers expect every store to have Wi-Fi available nowadays. It doesn’t matter what you are selling in your retail store, your customer may want to send a picture or video of it to someone and ask for their opinion. 

    If a shopper comes to your store and can connect to the Wi-Fi easily, it will be saved in their mobile for future visits. Believe it or not, people will come back to shop from your store just because they have your Wi-Fi saved. 

    Offer BOPIS

    Going a little extra never hurts, which is why you can offer your customer BOPIS. That means ‘buy online, pick up in-store.’ This can be one of those extras that you provide to your customers. It can make them feel valued, and it encourages them to buy more items when they come to pick up their order.

    Many big-name brands have seen a massive influx of BOPIS customers, which is because it’s so convenient. People can just look through your catalog online and pick up the stuff whenever they are nearby your store. 

    Establish an Online Presence

    Many retail store owners say that websites like Amazon are to blame for ruining their businesses. If you think so too, then there is something you can do to change it. 

    You can open up shop on Amazon and put up all of your products online. There are hundreds of thousands of small businesses that are selling on Amazon to a much larger consumer base. If you really think that most of your customers are shopping online, then why don’t you go there yourself? It can allow you to sell country-wide.

    Set up Booths in Relevant Community Events

    There are probably many events going around your city, such as fairs, expos, parades, or festivals. These events are the perfect place to increase your brand’s awareness and get new business. 

    You can simply rent a booth and set up with the most appealing design for your consumer base. You can use plenty of promotional gear with your name on them, like reusable totes, pens, and balloons. You can also use some strategies to attract more people to your booth, like giving away free stuff. 

    Reach Your Consumer Base on Social Media

    You need to have social media accounts to interact with your consumers. Social media platforms allow you to share posts, images, and videos, and you can use your creativity to create engaging content.

    It can be the perfect place to get people to go to view your Amazon products and visit your retail store. You can also inform your followers about upcoming promotions and host small events to give away free stuff to one lucky follower.


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